IT & Business Transparency

Communicating the value IT contributes to the business can be difficult. Throughput and latency are important to IT operations, but business leaders care about things like cost per transaction.
September 25, 2015

Connect IT and business by creating transparency from top to bottom. Use the same data and purpose-built views to provide different stakeholders the information they need, from technical details to business and IT alignment.

  • Transform the conversation from IT being a cost center to a business discussion
  • Connect business data, like financials and customer data, with IT metrics, like CPU and I/O
  • Quickly and accurately identify the business impact of performance problems
  • Provide transparency from business leadership down through IT staff 


See What These Customers Achieved...

Selling the Capacity Upgrade

Learn how this technology company was able to justify upgrading their IT capacity to the business using Vityl Capacity Management

Carnival Cruise tracks the business value of inbound call agents using a consolidation of call metrics combined with bookings in their dashboard.

Carnival Cruise


"Greater accuracy and predictability has increased the confidence our board of directors has in our management team. We improved revenue predictions, resulting in accurate cashflow management. It has greatly contributed to the profitability of the company."

Director of Finance & Corporate Controller

"We were able to automate an accurate forecating strategy and implement daily and weekly reporting. We saved 40+ person hours per report."

Lead Performance Engineer
Communicate IT Value in Business Terms

Get IT and the business on the same page using business value dashboards. Learn how capacity mangement solutions can help. 

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