How Intermapper Helps Monitor Your SharePoint Processes

Windows, Linux, Mac OSX
February 22, 2017
Learn how our network monitoring tool can keep your SharePoint application up and running

You may already know that monitoring your network can help safeguard it from security threats and data breaches, but did you know you can also use a network monitoring tool to help keep specific applications up and running? Intermapper can interface with other applications, including SharePoint, to help ensure they are performing as they should and the data you’ve stored there is accessible.

Say you’re storing documents within SharePoint that are crucial to your day-to-day business; templates, files, and data that is necessary to keep your organization up and running. Shouldn’t you make sure that the application containing this business-sensitive information is secure and working properly? With network monitoring software, you can do just that.

Using Intermapper, the primary goal is to ensure a healthy SharePoint environment so you can achieve service performance objectives such as up/down and response times. Intermapper allows you to monitor  your SharePoint processes to keep everything running normally. Using the software’s WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) and through its probes—both the Host Resources Probes and the HTTP/HTTPs probes—you can gather important data about your SharePoint application. In these ways, an investment in a network monitoring tool can simultaneously protect your overall infrastructure while also ensuring your SharePoint application continues to run as it should.

Using WMI to Monitor SharePoint

Both WMI and PowerShell are able to monitor windows applications for data. Intermapper’s WMI can monitor network traffic on your servers, SharePoint logs, and SharePoint processes that are running on a particular server or servers.  Intermapper will be adding PowerShell functionality to a future release that will provide additional flexibility in Windows application monitoring. Currently Intermapper’s WMI probes can also be used to monitor:

  • Services
  • Processes
  • Specific directories
  • Files
  • Folders
  • Event logs
  • Network Utilization

Monitoring these application-critical components with WMI will help with the overall health of the servers you’re running SharePoint on, ensuring that the application continues to function as expected. You can also monitor specific network protocols such as Domain Name Service (DNS), which will allow you to check the qualified domain name against its respective IP address. If there is a change, Intermapper will notify the administrator of the potential impact to the environment.

Monitoring with HTTP/HTTPs Probes

Using built-in probes is one of the major ways Intermapper can keep your SharePoint application performing optimally. The product comes with over 250 built-in probes to monitor specific elements in your infrastructure, and your SharePoint application is no exception. With HTTP/HTTPs probes, you can closely monitor web traffic on your server. HTTP/HTTPs probes are extremely useful for ensuring your server is running properly; they allow you to monitor traffic and site response time on SharePoint and can immediately notify you if a link or server is down or broken. 

Using SNMP and the Host Resources Probe to Monitor SharePoint

We’ve discussed how important it is to monitor the application, but what good is monitoring the application if the physical resources on the servers are impacted? Using SNMP, we are able to monitor system resources using the Host Resources probe that’s built into Intermapper. This probe can be used to monitor the server’s number of sessions live on that box, CPU utilization, memory utilization, and most importantly disk usage. This probe is instrumental in monitoring the overall health of the hardware SharePoint runs on, giving you insight into how to scale the product if you should need additional resources to improve performance.

Not only is Intermapper an industrial-strength network mapping, monitoring, and alerting solution, but it’s an easy way to monitor applications that house important data. By using Intermapper to monitor SharePoint, you can rest assured that the servers you are running the application on won’t fail and critical data won’t be lost or destroyed.

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