How Can Cloud Support Your Business?

Learn how to optimize your cloud investment
February 5, 2014

Cloud computing has enabled a new level of operational agility, but the proliferation and growing dollar amount attributed to cloud services is causing many to pause. Companies can fall into the hype trap and massively overspend on cloud because they lack a clear understanding of their IT systems.

While the cloud can provide flexibility, rapid scalability, and respond elastically to changing needs, clearly understanding those needs is necessary to realize IT cost savings.

Here are some ways to make sure you’re maximizing your investment in cloud.

Accurately Size Cloud Instances

Understanding how much capacity is needed to run an application now and well into the future. Know peak loads can be supported and if capacity is available for elasticity.

Reduce Over-Provisioning and Save Money

Properly size Azure and AWS cloud instances to accommodate service level requirements. Optimized cloud instances produce a higher return on investment.

Eliminate the Guesswork from Cloud Initiatives

Accurately provision systems to avoid costly and time-consuming performance issues caused by under-sized cloud instances.

Monitor Service Levels

See real-time and historical performance to ensure cloud objectives are being met.

Guide Business Decisions

Evaluate cost and performance trade-offs for alternative infrastructure deployment strategies — conventional infrastructure versus cloud infrastructure. Enable continuous financial optimization of business services delivered using Azure and AWS.

Optimize Cloud Investment

Properly size Azure and AWS cloud instances to accommodate service level requirements. Identify underutilized resources and potential cost savings opportunities. Optimize cloud instances to produce a higher return on investment.

Heterogeneous Visibility

You need to be able to see service performance, including current health and potential risks, across physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

It’s important to:

  • Predict optimal cloud configurations
  • Control cloud costs
  • Guide business decisions with objective information
Identify next steps and find the right tools for the job

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how to optimize your cloud capacity. Tools like Vityl Capacity Management can help.

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