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Forms Management Software: 3 Use Cases

IBM i, Windows
February 4, 2020
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Forms management software is intended to replace printed forms as a more efficient and easy-to-use method of data capture. Fillable forms can be deployed to improve data capture from employees, visitors to your website, or to streamline operations in accounting processes.

What are the specific ways you can use forms management software?

1. Employee Onboarding

Human Resources is one of the departments with the most paperwork and forms. Not only do they deal with a lot of paperwork, but many of the forms are repetitive. Forms management helps by aggregating the process. Instead of asking for the same information on three different forms, you can build a form that asks for only the necessary information then distributes it to all the appropriate fields on the other forms.

To see how it works, try a sample form workflow.

2. Purchase Order and Invoice Processing

Not only can forms management software help with gathering information from a customer who places an order, but it can also help when you’re routing that information. You can set up routing workflows so that every purchase order or invoice received is processed quickly and uniformly. That takes a burden off of your Accounting team of manually processing every purchase order or invoice that comes through and also eliminates bottlenecks in the process.

Try it out in a sample workflow.

3. Expense Report Routing

Expense reports touch multiple departments and have a few different levels of approval. Forms management software helps you to simplify the process by capturing data and receipts then passing along to the appropriate people to approve.

See a sample expense report workflow.

Try it for yourself

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