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Five Reasons to Schedule Your Enterprise from IBM i

August 16, 2016

As time marches on, your business grows and your Power Systems running IBM i grow with you. You add processors, disks, an external SAN, virtual partitions, and all of the latest technology that keeps your end user’s systems available. And as it expands, your system remains competitive both in processing power and cost with any enterprise class system in the world.

But for all of the heavy lifting you expect your IBM i system to perform, you may have overlooked it in terms of its potency as a centralized platform for enterprise scheduling—that’s the bad news.

The good news is that the answer to your cross-platform scheduling headaches may be right under your nose.

Multi-Platform Problems

You may be running critical processes on IBM i, trying to coordinate them with other platforms so that data is updated, reports are created, and files are ready to be transferred at the correct time. You may have resorted to imperfect methods like using “timer” jobs to estimate when a process will finish on one system so the data will be waiting when the database update process starts on your IBM i.

Such practices leave plenty of room for error. Timing issues and other cross-platform job scheduling problems affect your Service Level Agreements (SLAs), budget, and company morale. To avoid these errors, your IBM i must be able to trigger updates when data arrives, detect when data is ready on another platform, control the FTP process, run updates, and record the history centrally for auditing purposes.

A Foundation for Success

You can achieve this kind of event-based automated scheduling with the help of a good enterprise job scheduling solution. You’ll need to decide which platform to use as home base for your new software, and Power Systems running IBM i is a stable, time-tested option worth considering. The IBM i platform gives you:

1. True Reliability

Depending on your business, your IBM i system may house core business applications for inventory, order processing and fulfillment, manufacturing planning, banking systems, hospital scheduling and billing, or web hosting—applications that may be taken for granted because they usually run without problems. The IBM i system is so reliable, so compatible with your legacy applications, that year after year it continues to play the role of unsung hero. In fact, IBM i is a winner in terms of all three major factors in server quality: reliability, availability, and serviceability.

2. Industry-Leading Security

Its object-oriented architecture means that every object on your IBM i system is of a defined type and, for instance, will not allow a file-type object to morph into an executable file and infect your operating system. The operating system itself is essentially immune to viruses and it supports Department of Defense C2-level security.

3. Scalability with Your Business

The smallest IBM i is binary compatible with the largest multi-core IBM i system available. You will not outgrow this system.

4. The Cream of the IBM Crop

Power Systems running IBM i are built on the latest and greatest, highly tested technology. You can host IBM i, Linux, and AIX on the same Power Systems footprint, and Power Systems have some of the lowest power consumption statistics in the industry.

5. Unbeatable Native Features

Other operating systems dream of having the kind of built-in operating system tools that make this system enterprise class:

  • Security auditing
  • File journaling
  • Performance monitoring
  • Job accounting
  • File indexing, (tables and views) maintained automatically without a DB administrator
  • Memory and job management that far outpace Windows and UNIX

Put Enterprise Scheduling on Autopilot

Adding an enterprise job scheduler to your IBM i system’s secure, stable framework allows you to schedule across your various server platforms from a central location, and even automate jobs with cross-platform dependencies.

An enterprise scheduling tool typically resides on one system and runs processes by communicating with corresponding agent software on other servers. For example, scheduling software installed on a Linux server may talk to a Windows system or a Windows system might talk to a UNIX server.

By automating your enterprise-wide scheduling from IBM i, job processes across multiple systems and platforms can be monitored in real time and adjustments can be made to avoid errors and delays. Quality enterprise scheduling software will also notify you of problems and log processing details.

The Verdict on IBM i

An IBM i-based enterprise job scheduling tool, such as Robot Schedule Enterprise, addresses the complexities of modern, mixed-platform environments. It offers benefits in the form of simplicity, reduced likelihood of human error, time savings, and satisfied end users. That it operates on one of the sturdiest and most secure server platforms on the planet is simply icing on the cake. Tie your enterprise job schedule to IBM i today. 

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