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Enterprise Schedulers: Robot vs. Automate Schedule

IBM i, Windows, Linux
April 4, 2017


Where do you need your enterprise scheduler to run? With HelpSystems solutions, IBM i and other operating systems like Windows®, Linux®, or UNIX® are all possibilities. Robot Schedule Enterprise is our IBM i-centric solution and Automate Schedule (formerly Skybot Scheduler) centers on the other platforms.

If the bulk of your activities for batch processing center around IBM i, you may want to use Robot Schedule Enterprise. With this solution we save your rules for scheduling in DB2, and the engine for scheduling uses the rules of Robot Schedule to control the batch and monitoring on an IBM i, UNIX, Windows, and Linux infrastructure. There are many pros for this solution as one can easily argue that IBM i is very reliable and consequently a great place to build your schedule.

Automate Schedule uses a PostgreSQL database to store the rules. The engine for scheduling and monitoring the activity runs on Linux, Windows, or UNIX. If you’re not IBM i-centric, this is a great solution. Today, we can use Robot Schedule on IBM i as an agent to Automate Schedule so that you can have cross-operating system dependencies. Robot is still the best scheduler for IBM i.

When considering an enterprise scheduler from HelpSystems, our team will work with you to help determine the solution that best fits your needs. It’s not always politics, computing directions, and simple preferences that can enter into the decision. Our support team knows both Robot and Automate backwards and forwards. Our development team developed both products over the years, and Automate, although new, has over 30 years of scheduling experience and development built into it because of the knowledge we gained from developing Robot Schedule.

It’s great news for the marketplace as we can work with each one of you to evaluate your needs and help you make the right decision for your operations team. Robot Schedule users will see many similarities between the two products so you shorten the learning curve by choosing one of our enterprise solutions. We even have customers that own both Automate Schedule and Robot Schedule Enterprise. There’s a good reason for this because of different lines of business.

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