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Ensure Availability at a Reasonable Cost to Meet Business SLAs

Learn how Vityl Capacity Management can help.
February 4, 2013

Availability is a key indicator of how successfully an IT organization is supporting the company’s business objectives. Are required service levels in terms of workload volume and response times being achieved consistently for the business units? If not, the impact can be significant: a stoppage or slowdown can, in a matter of minutes, disrupt your supply chain and result in lost transactions, dissatisfied users, reduced revenues, and damage to your company’s reputation and brand.

  • Do you have SLAs in place? If not, how are you currently measured in regard to ensuring availability?
  • What types of measurements are in place? Is availability one of the measurements? Are you or your people evaluated on these measurements?
  • What are the ramifications if availability targets are not met?
  • How often are you forced to make unplanned purchases or upgrades?


Vityl Capacity Management can help you bridge the gap between optimal availability and budget realities. Our capacity modeling software provides accurate, objective predictions that help you develop capacity plans that meet availability and service level requirements at a minimum cost. Our performance monitoring software alerts you to potential problems before they cause service disruptions or slowdowns, and enables you to drill down to discover the root cause to resolve the issue quickly. You can also use Vityl’s analytical modeling software to test and validate failover capacity on mission-critical applications, and assist in disaster recovery planning to ensure business continuance.

  • Reducing the number of trouble tickets and their time to resolution
  • Avoiding financial penalties for failing to meet business requirements
  • Minimizing unplanned, unbudgeted drains on IT capacity
  • Managing and analyzing IT availability in terms of SLAs
  • Understanding IT priorities and determining appropriate levels of investment

What if you could generate significantly fewer trouble tickets? And reduce the time to resolution for those that are opened? What if you could build failover capacity plans without interrupting your production environment? What if you could evaluate application demands and service requirements with greater speed and accuracy and at a lower cost? What if you could model your current disaster recovery capacity and make necessary adjustments without interrupting normal operations?


Reduce Application Slow-Downs and Stoppages

Reduce trouble tickets by as much as 80% and minimize time-to-resolution of opened trouble tickets.

Determine Failover Capacity Requirements for Mission-Critical Applications

Analyze and predict failover performance with a high-level of accuracy – 95+% in most cases – prior to an actual event.

Determine Scalability and Optimal Configuration of Systems to Meet Application Demands

Anticipate resource requirements for future workloads, and experiment to find optimal configurations before you invest in changes to hardware or software.

Ensure Sufficient Disaster Recovery Capacity to Maintain Business Continuance

Simulate disaster scenarios and experiment with models to develop disaster recovery capacity that will meet your business continuance objectives within budget parameters.

In fact:

Vityl Capacity Management proved critical to CenturyTel Inc. (Monroe, LA), a voice and data services provider with more than 3 million customers, as they were migrating hundreds of thousands of customers to a new billing system.

“I modeled one of the servers and saw a very significant bottleneck. We were able to get that corrected the day before the conversion, and one director commented that TeamQuest paid for itself in that one instance.”

Source: John Barfoot, Programmer, CenturyTel

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