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INFOGRAPHIC: A Day in the Life of an AP Specialist—Before and After AP Automation

IBM i, Windows
October 18, 2016


Can I pay this?

It’s the rallying cry of AP Specialists. They, like you, just want to pay their invoices. But turn after turn, they are met with obstacles and slowed down. Maybe the invoice doesn’t match the PO. Perhaps it got lost on someone’s desk.

All in all, a day in the life of an AP Specialist before AP automation involves a lot of chasing and a lot of waiting. In fact, the job description might as well read:

  • Chase invoices
  • Try to match them with POs
  • Wait for approvals
  • Deal with bottlenecks
  • Wait to pay

After AP automation, life gets easier. The system takes care of all the tedious, time-consuming tasks that used to fall on AP specialists. Instead of wondering Can I pay this?, an AP Specialist actually gets to pay invoices—and pay them on time.

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