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Changing Data in WebDocs – Easy as Pie

January 24, 2017

Do you ever have the need to make changes to the information being managed in WebDocs Windows or WebDocs iSeries? With the RJS Imaging Client it is as easy as pie. This client application comes with either version of WebDocs and is easy to install and use. It offers much more than your traditional image viewer that comes packaged with your version of Windows OS.

Documents store in WebDocs can be viewed with the RJS Imaging Client in a couple ways.

One is to open a document via the WebDocs web browser application (assuming you have the RJS Imaging Client installed and set as the default viewer for the document you wish to view – contact your administrator or support if you have questions). It works with TIF, PDF, JPG and more.

Another way is to use the built-in search options. A user can enter the specific search information in the search panel (see option 1 below) and hit search and the search results will be listed below (see option 2 below). You can view by double-clicking on the record in the results list or by using one of the view options near the top to view one or all of the search results.

Changing electronic documents

When the document opens you will see both the WebDocs index information and the image displayed (see options 3 and 4 below). If you have more than one image open, they will be displayed in individual tabs; you can toggle between them and the data and image will update accordingly.

index electronic document information

If you would like to update any of the information, you can do so right from the RJS Imaging Client.

To update the index information, enter new or overwrite existing data and then click the Update Index Key button (see option 5 below). This will update the index information stored in WebDocs for that particular document.

If you would like to make changes to the document, you can use the annotation options on the Home ribbon (see option 6 below). You can add different types of annotations such as shapes, images, and even signatures. In the example provided (see option 7 below) we added highlighting, a rubber stamp, and a text note.

webdocs from RJS

To save the changes made to the image, click the Save to WebDocs button on the WebDocs ribbon.

WebDocs will store the changes as a new version of the document while preserving the original and all previous versions.

If you would like to make changes for other uses — such as emailing to a vendor or customer — but do not want the changes to be permanent to the WebDocs document, you can do that too. Make your changes as outlined above, but instead of choosing the save/update options, just click on the Application menu and choose one of the options under the Send menu (see below). It will automatically create an email with your modified image while preserving the original version stored in WebDocs.

electronic documents are easy



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