Benefits of Live Network Mapping

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April 24, 2019
Benefits of Live Network Mapping


Live network mapping software is one of the most important tools in a network admin’s toolbox. From giving you a live view of what’s happening in your network to helping you spot problems in seconds—not hours, a topographical map of your network environment can help you manage your network to stay on top of system health and reduce the risk of downtime.  Discover the top three benefits of live network mapping to understand how you can use this powerful tool to make your network stronger.


Modern networks contain more devices than ever before. It’s easy to just focus on devices traditionally within your IT environment, like computers, servers, and routers. But to get the fullest picture of your network, you need to think outside the box. Like the many devices in your facilities and security systems, your industrial equipment, or even any environmental sensors you have—these are all a part of your expanded network. Not to mention the number of personal devices from employees that could be connecting to your network. It’s a lot to keep track of—how can you even keep up?

Look for live network mapping software that will do the hard work for you. The best software has auto-discovery and automatically pulls in any device with an IP address connecting to your network, so you can get a real-time view of everyone and everything that’s connecting to your IT environment. Say goodbye to manual network diagrams that are out of date as soon as you create them. Live network maps give you the most accurate and current information right when you need it.

Greater Network Security and Control

Network downtime can be costly and frustrating. When trouble arises on your network, you have to act fast to get things back up and running to minimize any damage to your business. The key to staying in control of your network’s health and security is by having as much information at your disposal as possible—solving problems is easier when you have the information you need to pinpoint a problem.

Live network maps provide you feedback of who is connected to wired or wireless networks at any given moment, making it easier to identify unknown devices, problem areas, and threats in real time. Live network maps can also show you what “normal” looks like on your network—so  you can spot anything out of the ordinary faster and stop issues before they become problems

Live Performance Data

Keeping networks up and running is one thing, but are you actively working to optimize your network’s performance? If you are—and you should be—you need the data to help you see where your network is doing well and where work is needed, so you can develop a plan to take your network to the next level.

With live network mapping and monitoring, you can get accurate performance and bandwidth data—like device status, response time, availability, memory, and more—updated in real time, so you know how devices are performing right now, instead of an hour ago. Giving you the most up-to-date performance data possible to help with your optimization efforts.

See Live Network Mapping in Action with Intermapper

Mapping your network devices is only half the battle. Get the full view of your network with live network mapping software. Intermapper from HelpSystems gives you live mapping, monitoring, and all the network performance data you need to help you stay one step ahead of problems.

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