Aligning IT & Business

February 4, 2013


  • Understanding and translating business unit objectives into IT priorities
  • Ensuring IT strategies reinforce business unit objectives
  • Justifying IT investments by building business cases
  • Demonstrating IT impact on business strategies
  • Communicating the value of IT to the business and using IT as a competitive advantage

Goal: Align IT with Business Unit Goals

Understanding business unit objectives and translating them quickly and accurately into IT priorities is essential today. Just as critical is the ability to effectively communicate IT planning and performance data in a way that is useful to business unit management. As the information backbone of the business, your IT organization plays a critical role in helping the business gain a competitive advantage, reduce risk, and ensure growth and longevity.

  • Is business unit alignment a critical issue for your IT organization?
  • What is your current process for working with business units?
  • How do you translate business needs into IT plans?
  • How well does your staff understand and respond to business unit needs?
  • How quickly are you able to adapt to changes in business demands?

Rethinking the Problem

Vityl provides planning and reporting tls that enable your IT organization to better assist other parts of the business in achieving their goals. Our capacity planning software provides objective analysis of the range and cost of IT resources needed to achieve specific business unit objectives, and enables you to develop a strong business case for your plan. Vityl then helps you close the lp via online reporting that documents IT system performance relative to business unit objectives, supports chargeback and recovery of IT costs, and demonstrates the IT organization’s ongoing value to the business.


  • What if you could assist business units in making more informed decisions about their IT investments?
  • What if, when charging IT costs back to the business units, you could automatically generate and distribute accurate usage reports to users?
  • What if you could easily provide data that demonstrates to other business managers that IT is helping them meet their goals?
  • What if you could partner with your business units to determine how their business decisions will affect and be affected by IT?

How Vityl Can Help You Align IT with Business Goals

Propose and budget IT investments to support business unit requirements

Plan and provision IT resources more accurate, and develop sound, persuasive business cases for your proposed investments.

Support IT chargeback processes

Improve the accuracy and timeliness of the chargeback process with reports that are tailored to the needs of various departments and levels of management.

Document IT performance and value

Document IT system performance relative to business unit goals and service level requirements, improving communication with business units and demonstrating greater accountability and value.

Respond to changing business factors

Predict the probable impact of changing business practices and events on your IT infrastructure, enabling you to support the business with the right amount of capacity at the right time.

In fact:

Using Vityl Capacity Management, the CTO of a large financial services company was able to provide important usage/cost information to the business units when negotiating SLAs. After the SLAs were set, performance and capacity plans were built to support them and ongoing measurements and tracking were implemented using Vityl Capacity Management tls. The result is a significant cost savings, decreased service delivery risk, and improved communication between IT and business units.


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