Agent Security Enhancements to Robot Schedule Enterprise

August 30, 2016


The latest password and agent security enhancements to Robot Schedule Enterprise bring ease-of-use and flexibility to cross-platform administration. With the new enhancements, administrators can define authorized users on a per-agent basis and no longer need to update agent environments every time a username or password changes.

Where similar solutions with these abilities are based on Windows, UNIX, or Linux servers, Robot uniquely offers these enhancements from IBM i. The new features save customers time and alleviate the annoyance of having to re-enter security codes.

“We have had requests in the past for the ability to secure agents on an individual basis wherein administrators can decide which agents users can setup and execute jobs based upon their business needs,” explains Jody Dahl, software development manager, HelpSystems. “Since we were adding the ability to run jobs on agents without having to know the credentials for the agent, it was a logical decision to add these additional safeguards for administrators to continue to keep their agent systems secure while allowing them to save time and effort whenever a username or password changes for an agent.”

Available in version 1.27 of Robot Schedule Enterprise and version 11.17 of Robot Schedule, the products can be set to use the agent’s credentials when running jobs. Additionally, UNIX-based agents have the option to use the “setuid” function to allow the job to run with the permissions of the executable. Both options have the benefit of saving time and effort whenever usernames or passwords need to be maintained. Administrators may also choose to continue use of the previous username and password option on their environments.

Regardless of which password option administrators choose, they will benefit from the new agent security option which gives them the ability to limit who can define and run jobs on their agent systems on a per-agent basis.


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