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5 Reasons IT Managers Purchase Sequel

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January 19, 2017


Companies are growing increasingly reliant on technology for every function of business.

As a result, today’s IT manager needs to be more strategic than ever before in order to keep up with a company’s expectations in an increasingly fast-paced world. There’s tremendous pressure on IT managers to stay current with new technologies, ensure that their systems are secure, and prevent their already overworked staff from collapsing under the burden. By the end of the day, user requests have piled up and IT managers are buried under them.

By switching to a modern data access tool, like Sequel, IT managers can find their way out. IT managers choose Sequel to lighten their load for many reasons. Here are the top five.

1. Better Business Intelligence

Finding a way to modernize AS/400 data access is a key challenge for IT managers working on IBM i. Business users and executives want clear, easy-to-understand interpretations of data—and they want to be able to go deeper into data and better understand the full picture.

To solve this challenge, IT managers choose Sequel for intuitive dashboards and simple drill-down functionality.

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2. Flexible Data Distribution

IT managers know that distributing data no longer means simply creating a spooled file report. Business users want data in formats that they understand—and having business users rekey data into Microsoft Excel to get answers is inefficient and risky.

With Sequel, data can be easily, efficiently, and securely distributed the way business users want it—in PC files like Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDF, etc.without creating extra work for IT.

3. Faster Queries and Reports

Many IT managers—and their staffs—struggle to keep up with data access requests and reporting tasks. Older data access tools, like Query/400, waste valuable time. Plus, they lack the power—and flexibility—to deliver what business users want and need. Only one query can be run at a time, and creating reports means writing an RPG program first. That simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

With Sequel, IT managers and staff can produce results much more quickly and easily. Sequel virtually eliminates multi-step queries and makes it easy to create formatted reports in less than half the time it takes to write an RPG report program.

4. Productivity Booster

IT departments are frequently short-staffed, and IT managers are constantly looking for ways to boost productivity in the department.

When IT staff are able to free up time to keep up with data access and reporting tasks, productivity skyrockets. Sequel makes it possible for IT staff to deliver requested results in a fraction of the time programming or using manual processes would take. With Sequel’s built-in run-time prompting, programmers can give business users the ability to change variable information at run time—so users don’t have to go to IT each time a change is needed. Plus, users can choose their output at runtime—without waiting for coding from IT.

As a result, Sequel makes data access and reporting easier for everyone and gives IT staff the productivity booster they need to finally keep up.

5. Easier Access for Business Users

Business users want “self-service” data access. Older query tools made this an insurmountable challenge, but with Sequel, it’s easy for IT managers to give business users access to data in a secure, intuitive point-and-click environment.

Thanks to Sequel, business users are empowered and IT managers are unencumbered—it’s a win-win.


Sequel is Here to Help

Every business is unique, and every IT manager is faced with a unique set of challenges every day. Whether the biggest burden on your IT department is a short-staffed department or the need to modernize IBM i data access, Sequel is here to ease your burden and help you meet the challenges of today’s fast-paced business world head-on.

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