15 Questions People Ask in Document Management Software Demos

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July 18, 2017
Document Management Software Demo

Making a decision on document management software is tough. That’s why it’s important to get your questions answered before going too far down the road to purchasing.

How do you do this? Get a demo of the software and ask the questions that matter to your business right away.

Not sure what kind of questions to ask in a document management software demo? Take a look at some of the recent questions we’ve answered in demos of Webdocs. (Webdocs is an electronic document management system. It’s typically at the heart of all of our document management solutions).  

1. Can I search the full text of the document?

You can use full search functionality to search based on any text in an electronic document.

2. Can I force people to save their documents to Webdocs?

You have a few options for forcing people to save documents into Webdocs. There are user tools available that automate the capture process. And there are manual workarounds, like making Webdocs the only available print driver.

3. Can I block people from accessing certain folders?

You can lock it down and keep people from seeing certain folders or certain documents. For instance, you might keep most employees from seeing corporate documents shared with the board.

4. What’s the purpose of the barcode? What information does it contain?

Most of the time, the barcode carries a unique value we can go do a lookup on. For instance, on an HR document, it might be an employee name or number. The barcode makes it easier to look up documents related to that employee.

5. How do I set up user permissions?

There’s an authentication server within Webdocs. You can even pair it with your Active Directory to transfer permissions. Security and audit control will continue to be held by Webdocs.

6. If I lose the internet, can I still get the documents?

Yes—your documents would be accessible as long as your server is running. It doesn’t matter if your internet is down. You just need the connection to the server.

7. Is the software cloud-enabled?

The software works on whichever server you are hosting it on. This includes cloud-based servers, such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.

Time to get your questions answered?

8. Can I use Webdocs in my Microsoft products?

Webdocs is a nonproprietary system, which means we can connect to any type of content your systems have. So, you can use Webdocs within your Microsoft products like Outlook and Word.

9. Can I have two users working on the same document at once?

Multiple users will be able to see the document, but only one will be able to make changes at a time.

10. How will I know if anything happens to a document?

In Webdocs, you’ll be able to track every action that is taken on a document in a workflow or in the document management system.

11. How do I see how different versions are stacked?

Once a document is checked into the system, it’s saved—and that document is always kept. Each time a document is checked out and in, a copy is saved. But the newest version is always the version available for check-out. You do have the option to use a previous version instead by promoting it to the top.

12. What if we wanted to copy a document and turn it into a new document?

Many people use Webdocs for template management. All you need to do is check out a document and save it as a new Webdocs document. The template will remain unchanged, and you’ll be able to make it easier for employees to create new documents.  

13. When I want to pull up invoices associated with a trip code, is there any way to know whether those were paid?

Webdocs integrates with your applications through RESTful APIs. That means that you can get and send updates between your applications and Webdocs. And you can pull up an invoice from Webdocs within your application.

14. Can I pull vendor information into an Excel file?

Yes, you can do a search for a vendor and export that information into an Excel file. You can then sort whatever information you want.

15. What type of support do you offer? Will I be able to call anytime?

We have a technical support team that supports our products. You can call them, email them, or live chat them to get help with post-implementation support. Plus, we offer a 24/7 support plan. 

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