Birgitta Hauser

Database and Software Architect

Birgitta Hauser graduated with a business economics diploma and started programming on the AS/400 in 1992. She is an experienced RPG programmer as well as a database and software engineer, focusing on IBM i application and database modernization. Today, she works as a consultant on application and database modernization on IBM i and Db2 for i, most recently teaming up with Fresche Solutions Inc. as a contractor.

Birgitta also works in education as a trainer for RPG and SQL developers. Since 2002, she has been a frequent speaker at COMMON user groups meetings and other IBM i and Power conferences in Germany, other European countries, the United States, and Canada. In addition, she is co-author of two IBM Redbooks and has also authored several articles and papers focusing on RPG and SQL for the ITP Verlag (a German publisher), IT Jungle Guru, and IBM DeveloperWorks.

She received the John Earl Speaker Scholarship Award in 2015, the Al Barsa Memorial Scholarship Award in 2018, and was named an IBM Champion in 2020.

Contributions From Birgitta Hauser