Powertech Risk Assessor

Vulnerability Assessment Software for IBM i

Comprehensive security risk assessment

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Find security vulnerabilities before the auditor arrives

Go In-Depth on Security Vulnerabilities in Less Time

Risk Assessor gathers detailed security data and compares your system settings to best practices in minutes. The simple, automated process saves system administrators from spending days preparing reports and makes the audit process more efficient.

Give Auditors the Reports They Need

Many auditors struggle to understand IBM i’s unique security features. Use Risk Assessor to produce a comprehensive analysis of your security posture that’s written in plain English, so auditors can understand the data.

Meet Compliance Requirements for Annual Risk Assessments

Government and industry security mandates, including PCI DSS and HIPAA, require annual assessments of security risks. Risk Assessor is an independent, third-party assessment that enables you to meet these requirements.

Audit IBM i Risks Easily with an Automated Solution

Create a Detailed Security Report in Minutes

An IBM i security expert will help assess risks

Evaluating IBM i security vulnerabilities is a challenge, especially if you don’t know where to start or aren’t sure of everything that needs to be examined.

Designed by IBM i security experts, Risk Assessor is vulnerability assessment software for IBM i that compares your security configuration against best practices and reports on recommended next steps. As part of its automated security risk assessment, the software examines more than 100 "risk points" and generates easy-to-read reports to help you easily determine where your system’s security configuration deviates from best practices.

The comprehensive analysis you receive from Risk Assessor includes:

  • Details about the security issues discovered
  • Explanations of the business risks presented
  • Recommendations for addressing issues
  • Considerations before changes are made

Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment

Risk Assessor covers 100+ risk points, including:

Systems users

Object-level authorities

System values

Exit points

TCP/IP settings

Job descriptions

Get Started

Evaluate your system’s security to the fullest with the comprehensive, automated security risk assessment provided by Risk Assessor. We’ll walk you through it when you request a demo.

Looking for expert assistance? Our IBM i security pros can help. They can assess your system security and recommend your next steps.