Vityl Capacity Management

IT Performance Monitoring Software

View real-time and historical performance across your entire hybrid IT environment—physical, virtual, cloud, and container. 

Integrate Performance Data from Any Data Source

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View performance data from across your entire IT environment: whether it's Vityl data or from your other applications, middleware, databases, operating systems, hypervisors, storage systems, cloud instances, or Docker containers. High-speed, high-volume streaming architecture scales to the largest environments with tens of thousands systems.

IT Performance Monitoring at Its Best

Identify Service Delivery Issues Before They Impact Users

Monitor performance across large hybrid IT environments. See resource consumption by IT and business services with precision. Ensure service availability by identifying problems before they impact users.

Resolve Problems Fast

Simplify root cause analysis for your hybrid IT environment. Seamlessly move from symptoms to diagnosis to resolution using fast root-cause identification with accurate and clear data.

Do It All with a Single Capacity Management Tool

Use a single tool to see both the big picture and process-level details across your entire hybrid IT environment, even identifying where resources are used inefficiently. Utilize your performance data to improve your automated analytics and capacity plans so it's the only tool you need for capacity management. Standardize processes, delivering consistent data and analysis throughout your organization.


Key Features


Being able to quickly locate and confirm whether or not a system has or recently had a performance issue is critical to keeping services up and running. The Overview workflow provides IT performance monitoring insight at a glance—comprehensive yet elegantly simple. Everything you need to know about the performance of your system is at your fingertips.


Process Details

Vityl Capacity Management collects, stores, and delivers granular, process-level details needed to solve real problems—down to the second. Knowing about a spike in resource utilization (CPU, Memory, I/O, etc) is not enough. Knowing what causes the resource usage spikes is essential to analyzing performance and preventing outages. Vityl can deliver historical and real-time process-level details.

Process Details

Container Support

Many organizations have realized the power of containers to help them streamline their application development pipeline. With Vityl Capacity Management, you have the unique ability to monitor your container workloads with the same tool as your physical, cloud, and other virtual instances and to use the performance data in your capacity planning practice.

Container Support

Data Collectors

Vityl Capacity Management brings together data from your applications and systems along with VCM data to paint a complete picture of your hybrid IT environment. A RESTful API allows programmatic access to all of your data to enable the integration with third party solutions.

Data Collectors

Heat Maps

Use heat maps to quickly see performance over time across your environment and identify potential risks. You can also pinpoint candidates for consolidation or reclamation.

Heat Maps

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Looking for a solution to quickly show you the health of your system? Our Key Performance Indicators component can help.

Need to create capacity plans in a snap and make changes based on expert advice? Our Capacity Plans component has wizard workflows to help you allocate resources where they’re needed without overprovisioning.

Need to integrate and analyze data from all sources to understand your environment in one place? Automated Analytics will do that for you.

And it’s all part of one tool: Vityl Capacity Management.

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