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Capacity planning differentiates an efficient IT department from a chaotic one. And it helps IT support the business. Luckily, it’s never been easier to create an accurate IT capacity plan. With Vityl, all you need to do is use the walk-through wizard to plan for growth, platform changes, or cloud migration.

Evaluate Risk Predictions and Act on Advice

If one of your system is at risk of running out of capacity, you need to know about it. With a Vityl Capacity Management capacity plan, you’ll get automatic predictions of your resource capacity needs and potential risks, along with recommendations about what to do and when to do it.

Easily Evaluate Changes to Your Environment

Guided workflows allow you quickly test how a workload will perform on a different type of physical or virtual system or in the cloud. Determine your capacity needs and evaluate whether the changes will be the best, most efficient option before you make them.

Be the Hero

Your business is counting on you. And with Vityl Capacity Management, your IT team can be the hero and deliver results that support the business as it moves forward. 

Key Features

Risk Prediction

You'll get a timeline that includes your predicted growth and any potential risks at a glance. The color on the screen indicates when you'll have a performance problem. If you see all green, you know you don't have anything to worry about. If you see yellow or red, then you'll know when you need to take action.

Risk Prediction

Automated Advice

You won’t be on your own to solve the problem, either. You’ll get actionable advice based on your predicted risk.

Automated Advice

Response Time Predictions

You’ll also gain insight into your potential response times for your systems based on the growth scenario. That means you’ll know which of your systems will be slowed down when demand spikes.

Response Time Predictions

Easy Modifications

No plan is set in stone. With IT capacity planning software, it's easy to make modifications and see how those changes impact your predictions.

Easy Modifications

Platform Change Prediction

Simply follow the intuitive workflow to learn what impact a platform change will have on your environment.

Easy Modifications

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Why Vityl Capacity Management Is Better

Wizard workflows make it a breeze for your IT team to harness the power of queuing theory, which means that your capacity recommendations aren’t just based on a linear trend.

Queuing theory is made up of powerful mathematical algorithms. It’s one of the most accurate methods for determining response times and figuring out how many resources you’ll need to meet increases in demands. But you probably don’t have a queuing theory expert on staff…and it’s not easy to become one.

Let the software crunch the numbers and run the sophisticated algorithms for you.

All you need to do is walk through the wizard and plug in your growth projections. Then you’ll get a timeline of if and/or when your systems will be at risk. Plus, you’ll get advice you can count on to prevent capacity problems—before they happen.

You’ll be able focus on what matters most—making sure you have the right capacity to meet your needs.

That means you can ensure continuous service delivery and support business growth—no matter your environment.

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