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Visual Identity Suite

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Visual Identity Suite

Simplified Role Creation and Access Certification

Streamline identity governance and administration (IGA) with intelligent role creation and certification management

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An Identity First Approach to Security

Move beyond endless, manual spreadsheets towards a visually based, automated approach to identity governance and administration (IGA). Visual Identity Suite is a unique solution that focuses on achieving quicker, more efficient and error-free role creation and entitlement certification with an intuitive graphical role mapping. Ensure that users only get the access they need when they need it not only during their initial onboarding, but also throughout their time at the organization.

Enforce Role Based Access Control (RBAC) with Core Role Designer

Core Role Designer is an inventive approach to designing roles. As a platform agnostic solution, you'll be able to assign entitlements across systems with a highly usable interface. Additionally, the visual representation of entitlements will help you identify patterns and make logical decisions when creating new roles. C-levels and IT security professionals can all easily decide and understand what access employees, customers, and partners need, while keeping attackers out.

Avoid Certification Fatigue with Core Certify

Trying to complete hundreds of detailed reviews using difficult to read spreadsheets often leads to rubber stamping, with reviewers resorting to careless bulk approvals in order to save time and avoid hassle. Core Certify provides the context approvers need to make an informed decision in a format that allows users to clearly and quickly see common user entitlements, including nested or hidden entitlements. Seeing a common clustering allows you to rapidly identify abnormalities, ensuring users get only necessary credentials, and helping keep your organization compliant with regulation requirements and industry standards.

A New Approach to IGA: Identity Security Automation


The Visual Identity Suite is an innovative solution that seeks to address three of the most common struggles surrounding role creation and entitlements:

  • Lack of visibility
  • Lack of accuracy
  • Lack of efficiency

Entitlements and user access logs are primarily kept on spreadsheets. With hundreds and often thousands of entitlements to go through, going row by row takes an excessive amount of time and it's incredibly difficult to verify the accuracy of every entry with confidence. The Visual Identity Suite uses a graphical display that elimnates all of these struggles, providing a usable, efficient, and accurate solution that ensures appropriate, secure access.

Identity Governance Toolkit

Want to learn more about how role design and entitlement certification plays a crucial role in protecting your organization? Explore our toolkit, which provides a collection of identity governance and administration tools and resources to set you up for success.

Key Features

Streamline your file transfer processes with ease

Graphical Interface for Increased Insight

Avoid errors and save time by skipping the endless rows of entitlements on spreadseets with dynamic, easy to use dashboards.

Informed Role Creation

See full context of relationships to effectively design roles for access to a resource in your organization. 

Simplifed Certification Reviews

Reviewers can take advantage of the usable matrix display of user entitlements to quickly identify outliers and manage certification approvals for users in your organization.  

Comprehensive Reporting

Both Core Role Designer and Core Certify provide helpful reporting options allowing for further insight and providing a useful audit trail.

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