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Sequel Data Warehouse

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Sequel Data Warehouse

Data Warehousing Solution for IBM i

Powerful suite of tools to build and manage data warehouses and data mart environments


IBM i (iSeries, AS/400)

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Visual Development

Develop your data warehouse environment in a fraction of the time. The graphical designer makes development and long-term maintenance simple and easy.

Access to Virtually Any Data 

Bring together business data from any source system or database, including external or cloud sources. Sequel Data Warehouse qualifies and formats it for use in your front-end Business Intelligence tool.

Simplified Management 

You don’t need to be a database architect to build or maintain. Comprehensive change management features allow you to easily track development from start to finish with full version control, change logs, and more.

Why Use Sequel Data Warehouse?

When data comes from all over your IT environment and is accessed in different ways by different users, your organization faces a lot of issues. Not only is the data inconsistent, but each database formats and delivers data differently. And there's no single filter through which all data goes to make sure it is high quality. That's where Sequel Data Warehouse can help. By accessing any data and bringing it together into one warehouse, you can rest easy, knowing that end users have access to an accurate single source of truth.

IBM i Native

Keep your data on the most reliable, scalable, and securable server in existence with the only full-function native ETL (Extract, Transfer, Load) tool available for IBM i.

Powerful ETL Capabilities

Easily handle complex ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) requirements. Even advanced functions (like slowly changing dimensions) are automated and easy to use.

Comprehensive Error Management

Guard against the many problems poor data quality can cause. Build data quality rules to set aside bad data and give you peace of mind. 

Open Database Standards

Make tables simpler. Unlike some other tools that use proprietary data structures, Sequel Data Warehouse tables are normal DB2 for i tables, accessible by any query and reporting tool. 

Change Data Capture

Easily capture data from local or remote journals and send to ETL processes for loading into the data warehouse.

View/MQT Builder

Build SQL views and materialized query tables in the graphical designer over your data warehouse table to simplify end-user access to the data warehouse.

Extensive Metadata Layer

Document everything you build in the data warehouse with unlimited descriptive metadata documents to map your data warehouse and ensure long-term success.

Built-in Security

Control who has access to your data warehouse—table by table if necessary—and limit who can make changes to maintain confidentiality and compliance.

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