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Powertech Policy Minder for IBM i

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Powertech Policy Minder for IBM i

Security Policy Management Software for IBM i

Automated security policy administration and compliance reporting


IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400)

Maintain Your IBM i Security Configuration

Powertech Policy Minder for IBM i is a security administration tool that automates critical tasks and provides comprehensive security compliance reporting. By automating security administration, Policy Minder saves time and eliminates labor-intensive manual tasks usually required to administer the details of security. Policy Minder for IBM i features a graphical user interface (GUI) in addition to the traditional green screen.

Policy Minder provides an easy way to define your security policy on IBM i, whether you want to customize a security policy based on your organization's unique requirements or use a template based on cybersecurity best practices. Comparing your security policy to your system's current configuration is simple and automated. You can even schedule your policy checks so that they run automatically. The FixIt function automatically finds settings that are out of compliance and fixes them.

Policy Minder also includes robust reporing functionality to document:

  • Your policy settings
  • Items that are out of compliance with your policy
  • Changes made with the FixIt function
  • Administrative actions taken to configure Policy Minder

Key Features of Policy Minder for IBM i

Security policy documentation

System admin spends less time on security administration

Automatically document your security policy for use during audits. Automatically capture current server settings to define your security policy—a written statement of how your organization protects IT assets, which is required by many security mandates.

Automatic compliance checks

Identify configuration settings that are out of compliance with your security policy without any manual effort.

Exception-based reports

Generate reports that show only the exceptions to your security policy, so it's easy to focus on items that require attention. Save security administrators countless hours of manual data analysis and reporting. Policy Minder automatically compares security policies to actual server settings and its exception-based reports dramatically increase your productivity.

Policy management for multiple systems via a single screen

A security policy makes compliance audits easier

Manage compliance with your security policies on multiple systems from a single screen. Managing security policies and compliance with those policies on multiple systems becomes much easier on a single screen in a user-friendly, browser-based interface.

Automatic remediation of out-of-compliance settings

Security Policy Management

Use the Fix-It function to return out-of-compliance settings to their desired state. Automate the comparison of your security policy to your system's current security settings, and let your software automatically fix out-of-compliance items. This makes it easy to stay compliant with regualtory mandates like PCI DSS that require security settings to be checked regularly. 

"[Powertech Policy Minder for IBM i] reminds me of any policy exceptions every day, so nothing slips through the cracks. We're doing more with less, and we don’t want to go looking for the problems, we want them to come to us. [Powertech Policy Minder for IBM i] accomplishes that for us."

Steve Mulder
Lead Systems Support Specialist

Automate Processes with Policy Minder for IBM i

Many security processes are tedious and time-consuming—and ripe for human error. When you automate these tasks, you ensure they’re accomplished on schedule and without mistakes. This frees up system administrators to focus on more complex projects.

Some of the processes that Policy Minder can automate include:

  • Discovering new profiles, libraries, objects, and directories
  • Maintaining and identifying all users with special authorities
  • Identifying inactive profiles and removing them from the system
  • Fixing ownership and authorities of objects in the IFS
  • Fixing ownership and authorities after a new deployment
  • Verifying settings prior to and/or after a role-swap or disaster recovery
  • Returning security policies in one place and applying them to other partitions
  • Keeping your security policies in one place and applying them to other partitions

Compliance Reporting with Policy Minder for IBM i

Policy Minder compares your security policy to your actual security configuration, highlighting the exceptions so you can easily identify the issues that require a response.

The areas Policy Minder can examine include:

User profile settings

Libraries' authorities

Object authorities

Directory authorities

System values

Adopted authority

Command authorities

Exit points

File shares

TCP/IP servers

User-created objects in QSYS

Job descriptions

Authorization lists

Multi-Platform Security Policy Management

Available Services for Policy Minder for IBM i