HelpSystems Process & Workflow Management

Process and Workflow Management Software for Windows and IBM i

Automated workflow system for managing processes and routing documents.


Windows, IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400)

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A businesswoman boosts her efficiency with process and workflow management

Increase Organizational Efficiency

Processes are in place for a reason—but following them can be awfully manual and time-consuming. The ability to store, manage, and route documents digitally speeds up business processes and ensures efficient workflows from start to finish.

Simplify Business Processes

Automation just makes life easier. When your software enforces your business processes, signatures can be applied automatically and approvals can be managed electronically, making the process a thousand times simpler for everyone involved.

Save Money on Printing and Paper Costs

Making the switch to digital documents, forms, and signatures reduces spend on costly paper and printing. Plus, when everything is filed digitally on-premises or in the cloud, your office will be less cluttered, saving you money on storage costs, too.

“With all of the documents flowing in, it’s easy for me to route them to the right people, without the need for any programming. That’s very helpful.”

Catherine Wilson
Manager of Processing for Graduate and Professional Programs
Ontario Universities' Application Centre

Key Features

Easily capture documents

File documents easily with document and image management software

Using process management software to capture documents digitally is a tremendous timesaver. If you have piles of paper forms and documents, HelpSystems Process & Workflow Management software allows you to scan them into the document management system in order to organize, index, and standardize them.

Immediately capture data

Capture data from digital forms automatically

You can also use process management software to manage forms. Use web-based forms to capture information electronically from the start—eliminating redundant data entry later on.

Manage workflows wherever you are

Use a web browser to view documents and forms on any mobile device

Web-based workflow management software enables you to stay on top of business workflows from the office, off-site meetings, or home. Use any mobile device to access documents you need, manage business processes, and see where a document is in a particular workflow. Plus, you can modify documents—and approve them—directly in the browser interface. There’s no need to open any other applications.

Store documents on-premises or in the cloud

Fill out web-based forms on any browser or mobile device

Choose whether to store your documents on-premises or in the cloud. Either way, your documents will be safe, easy to access, and quick to distribute. 

Automatically route documents

Route documents automatically for approval with paperless invoice processing software

When you need to circulate a document for signatures or approvals, let the software automatically move your document through a basic workflow of your design. Digital routing keeps everyone accountable for their part in a business process without the need for someone to physically follow the document around the organization.

Distribute documents instantly

Automatically distribute documents the way you want them

Enjoy automatic document distribution capabilities that eliminate the need to print and staple dozens of report copies for a meeting. Set regular report monitoring to notify a specified group of people when a report is ready, or create customized reports and distribute them to a pre-defined fax list, network folder, or Microsoft SharePoint library.

Who Benefits from Workflow Management?

Everyone can benefit by automating their processes with a workflow management system.

Any Department

Every company has processes that drive daily business operations. While you undoubtedly have many departments that would benefit from process and workflow management, sometimes it's best to start in one and expand it from there. Accounts payable (AP), accounts receivable (AR), and human resources (HR) are typical departments to start with—but you can start with any department. Explore departments >

Any Industry

Organizations in virtually any industry—from education to manufacturing and distribution—can use process management software. Explore industries >

How Does It Work?

HelpSystems Process and Workflow Management is a software bundle. The components of your software bundle depend on your organizational needs. Do you need to improve your processes for documents? Forms? Signatures? Everything? 

Typically, Webdocs is at the heart of every software bundle—but you don't need to figure out which components you need on your own. In a free, personalized consultation, we'll help you determine the right-size software bundle for your business. Plus, we'll help you put together a plan for getting your processes and workflows to where they need to be.

Partner Up for Success

You don’t need to be an expert to automate your processes and workflows. Instead, you can plan your implementation by consulting with the process experts. Our team will come to your site, discuss your needs, and deliver a personalized roadmap detailing your path to success. Then, we’ll help you configure HelpSystems Process and Workflow Management software to best fit your organization. 

What Are Your Workflow Management Goals?

Start improving the workflows and processes that drive your daily business. See how automated process and workflow management software can help by scheduling a free consultation.