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What's New in Automate

See the latest features for streamlining your workflows with automation.


Still using Automate version 9, 8, or older? There's been a lot of great new updates since those releases. Automate continues to be a powerful solution to help take your most repetitive, manual processes off your plate to help you increase individual and team productivity. And as Automate adds new features, it conitinually grows the benefits of robotic process automation so you can see greater efficiency, scalability, flexibility, and versatility.

See what you're missing and take a look at the latest features for streamlining your workflows with automation.

Powerful New Features

Automate is an award-winning solution that was acquired by HelpSystems back in 2014. Our automation solutions are designed to boost productivity and improve accuracy by handing repetitive, manual workloads over to software robots. And the Automate team is constantly working hard to add new features to our products. See for yourself and discover the powerful new features that Automate has to offer for streamlining your most tedious tasks. 

Software Improvements and Enhancements

Automate lets you easily streamline any business or IT processes thanks to 600 prebuilt automation building blocks to help you with processes like user provisioning, data scraping and extraction, and web browser task automation.

In order to keep delivering the best solution possible, Automate continually improves and enhances its most powerful features. You'll still recognize the same overall look and feel, but know that it's optimized for better user workflow to make your experience even better.

For more specific version information, check out Automate Version History.

Task Builder

Here are some of the features of the new Task Builder:

  • The Task Builder has been completely rewritten. It has the same overall look and feel, but is optimized for better user workflow
  • Data value highlighting
  • Dockable panels
  • Variable inspector
  • Simplified event and function editing

New Actions and Triggers

Email Trigger

  • Monitor an Exchange mailbox for sent and received messages meeting complex filter criteria

JSON Action

  • JSON Decode - convert a JSON-encoded string into Automate variable engine objects
  • JSON Encode - convert an Automate variable engine object into a JSON-encoded string

Task Engine

Task Engine Rewritten

  • Internal Automate Markup Language (AML) format has been upgraded to Version 3

Automate Enterprise Only

Flexible Feature Licensing

The ROI of Automation

If you’re currently using an older version of Automate—or a different solution—you could be missing out on opportunities to maximize your ROI. Automation’s value is in its flexibility and scalability, so if you’re not seeking out further automation opportunities within your organization, your automation software isn’t living up to its potential.

The improvements in the latest version of Automate provide more opportunities to grow your automation strategy and streamline more of your critical processes. Automate continues to be a flexible solution that easily scales along with your business.

See Automate's Updates in Action

Want to see the latest version of Automate in action? Request a live demonstration with one of our automation experts. We'll walk you through Automate's latest features, discuss your specific goals and needs, and answer any questions.