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Powertech Password Self Help for IBM i

Password Self-Service Tool for IBM i

Improve productivity and enhance security


IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400)

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Increase Productivity for IT and Users

Enabling users to reset their own IBM i passwords immediately removes productivity bottlenecks for both users and the IT support technicians who would typically have to process the request. When users don’t have to file a help desk ticket for password resets, IT can spend their time addressing more critical issues. With password resets accounting for up to 50 percent of help desk calls, productivity gains add up quickly.

Enhance Security

Guarantee authenticity of users and prevent fraudulent reset requests by asking a series of challenge questions that must be answered correctly before a reset will be approved.

Set a Strong Password Policy

Configure settings to meet security policy requirements. Set rules for the minimum number of password characters, whether repetition of characters is allowed, and whether answers must be case sensitive.

Maintain an Audit Trail

A password self-service tool can help fulfill auditor requirements by maintaining a full record of both successful and unsuccessful password reset attempts.

Key Features

Secure self-service password resets

IBM i users can securely reset passwords

With Powertech Password Self Help for IBM i, users can reset their own IBM i passwords by answering a series of validation questions. Once questions are answered correctly, the password resets immediately. For an additional layer of security users can set their own default reset password known only to themselves.

Custom security settings

Password reset software secures your system

Match the software settings with your organization’s security policy, including the number and type of challenge questions and number of self-service password attempts allowed.

User registration options

IBM i password software speeds up profile registration

Administrators can manage user profile registration in less time, ensuring key profiles are protected. Powertech Password Self Help for IBM i provides a menu where administrators can automate user registration with a command line program, register individual users, and protect powerful profiles like QSECOFR.

Instant alerts

Alerts show admins when user profiles are at risk

Respond quickly and take action when user profiles are at risk. Powertech Password Self Help for IBM i sends instant alerts to administrators or other designated security personnel when unsuccessful password resets occur, allowing administrators to take corrective action and ensure user profiles are secure.

Modern web user interface

Self-help interface

Powertech Password Self Help for IBM i integrates with HelpSystems Insite web user interface for user setup and password reset functions—empowering your users to reset passwords from anywhere. Whether they’re at their desktops or using smartphones, your users can manage their IBM i passwords from a modern, mobile web user interface, without involving your IT staff.

Customizable dashboards

Password self service dashboards show key metrics

Dashboards in HelpSystems Insite display Powertech Password Self Help for IBM i data at a glance. Keep an eye on registered users, reset attempts, and other key metrics.

Get Started

Give your users the ability to reset their own IBM i passwords so IT can focus their time and attention on more pressing issues. See Password Self Help in action when you request a software demo.

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