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Monitor the Metrics That Matter on Linux

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Linux Server Manager is an agent that works with Network Server Suite to monitor critical servers, applications, processes, and services running on Linux without any extra work on your part.

Stay informed of any potential issues via automatic alerts, so business operations can continue uninterrupted.

Fast-track your deployment and ensure that recommended Linux metrics are monitored from day one with pre-defined monitoring and alerting templates.

Get up and running quickly to ensure nothing happens on your Linux platform that you don’t know about.

Monitor Critical Applications on Linux

Monitor everything in your Linux environment

Monitor from your desktop or mobile device

Ensure availability for your web servers, corporate email servers, and application servers, as well as your back-end databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM WebSphere, and other Java-based web applications.

Automate corrective actions

Automate corrective actions

Enable your support teams to work from anywhere with email and text message (SMS) alerting. Get automatic alerts of system issues before operations are affected.

Execute custom scripts

Make IT lives easier with the click of a mouse

Easily execute scripts to customize the Linux server monitoring software to meet your requirements.

Receive mobile alerts

Receive notification on your mobile device

Receive messages via email, SMS, or the Enterprise Console mobile app notifying you of any system issues or bottlenecks before they have the opportunity to affect your business.

Start Faster with Industry Templates

Monitoring software makes IT lives easier

Monitoring every component of your Linux platform is key, but it can be time-consuming to get started. To save you time, we’ve created templates that will help you get up and running quickly. Pre-configured templates cover common monitoring requirements and replicate the actions that a very experienced Linux expert would take if they were managing the operating system. The templates work seamlessly with Network Server Suite.

The following templates are available for Linux monitoring:

  • Oracle Linux System Monitoring (Standard and Advanced)
  • Red Hat System Monitoring (Standard and Advanced)
  • SUSE System Monitoring (Standard and Advanced)

Proactive Monitoring for Better Business Performance

Monitor all these metrics and more before they impact business:


File systems

Logical volumes


Error reports

System uptime and load average

Log files


Reap the Full Benefits of Network Server Suite

Along with the extra functionality of Linux Server Manager, you get all the power of Network Server Suite:


Quick, easy software installation

Single pane of glass for centralized monitoring

Advanced network monitoring of servers, applications, and services

Unlimited network monitoring of SNMP devices

Automatic alerts via email or SMS

Get Started

Make your Linux server monitoring more proactive with software you can deploy quickly and easily. Request a demo to learn more.