Network Monitoring for Education

Keep educational networks up and running with network monitoring software


Network Monitoring for Education

Technology is a fact of life in the modern classroom. As educators use mobile devices, online applications, and new gadgets to create innovative learning experiences that will engage students, network uptime has never been more important. IT teams must maintain reliable IT infrastructures in order to support a growing number of connected devices in school settings. Using school network monitoring software to detect performance issues in real time is the way to make the grade.  

Without regularly monitoring network performance, IT teams waste time and resources trying to detect the source of network issues—or worse, miss all signs of danger and find themselves in a downtime situation. Users expect seamless technology performance, and your network connection can’t afford the occasional or frequent glitch. The success and productivity of students depends on it.

Ensure Uninterrupted Learning with Network Monitoring

School network monitoring software for device uptime

Network monitoring tools help schools of all sizes—including K-12 school districts, colleges, and universities—map all of their connected devices, monitor network traffic in real time, and designate alerts to sound when devices fail or bandwidth escalates to abnormal levels. Investing in network monitoring software results in real return on investment (ROI) because of the manual effort it will save you and potentially disastrous network performance issues you can avoid over the long run.

“The feature set that Intermapper provides is the one most universities require in a network monitoring tool. Classes have to be available—it would be a disaster to lose a connection. It’s the only monitoring tool we use.”

Dennis O Reilly
Senior Network Analyst
University of British Columbia

INFOGRAPHIC: What Can You Monitor on Your Campus Network?

Network monitoring on campus


What Can You Monitor on Your Campus Network?

Intermapper provides network monitoring for anything with an IP address at your school, all within a live map that updates in real time. Check out the infographic to see the possibilities. 

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Monitor Education Networks with Intermapper

Whether for the K-12 or college/university market, Intermapper is the leading provider of network mapping and monitoring software for the education industry. Developed at Dartmouth College in 2000, the software was first used by IT professionals in a college setting. Since then, Intermapper has become a tool IT professionals in all industries rely on, from finance to manufacturing; however, the tool continues to be popular with educational institutions around the world.

IT teams love Intermapper for these reasons and more:

  • Live Maps: You can see your entire campus, not just the IT network, in real-time. No refreshing required, Intermapper shows you what’s happening right now.
  • Easy, Easy, Easy: Intermapper is easy to install, easy to deploy, and easy to use. You can even use auto-discovery to map your environment faster.
  • Right Price: Simple, predictable, transparent pricing allows your school to grow with changing environments and still be able to monitor your entire network.

We are proud to offer special discounted pricing to educational institutions. Please contact for a discounted quote.

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