Intermapper Application Integrations

Software integrations for more powerful network monitoring


Life is simpler when all your go-to technology tools integrate. Most IT professionals use a handful of distinct tools to manage, monitor, and automate their enterprises in order to benefit from the specialties each tool provides.

Start with network monitoring…

With Intermapper, you can stay one step ahead of critical network performance issues. The software monitors each device in your IT infrastructure, displays its status on a live, color-coded map, and sends you alerts when traffic levels exceed their ideal thresholds. Total visibility into the health of your network improves troubleshooting and maximizes uptime for greater business productivity and user satisfaction.

… then add network automation and log analysis.

Take advantage of network monitoring software that seamlessly integrates with other world-class solutions. Intermapper works directly with two additional tools—Automate and Splunk Enterprise—to enhance your network monitoring and analysis. With the powerful combination of Intermapper and Automate, you can create commands to fix network issues automatically. Using Intermapper with Splunk Enterprise through a free app, you can analyze log data combined with network data for deeper insights and more effective troubleshooting. 

Automate for Intermapper

Trigger commands to fix network issues


Fix network issues automatically with Automate for Intermapper. Automate, IT automation software from HelpSystems, integrates with Intermapper to give you the power of instant remediation. Automate can trigger a command in respond to an Intermapper alert, allowing you to restart a failed device or service before anyone notices it's down.

Network automation tools like Automate for Intermapper help IT ensure rapid responses to network alerts and frees you from manually making the fix yourself.

Splunk Enterprise

Deeper, more comprehensive data analysis

Increase your visibility into the IT infrastructure with the Intermapper App for Splunk Enterprise. Splunk Enterprise is a syslog analyzer that provides in-depth reporting of a machine’s activity. Using Splunk’s detailed log data, network professionals can assimilate a more comprehensive view of network activity in order to more effectively troubleshoot issues.

Leverage the ability to perform easy searches, identify patterns in the data, produce tables, and build dashboards—all in one place. Combined with Intermapper, the two essential network diagnostic solutions provides an independent end-to-end view of a device’s status.

Get Started

Network monitoring software frees up time for IT to focus on other priorities. Map and monitor your network today with a free 30-day trial of Intermapper.