Vityl IT & Business Monitoring

Vityl IT & Business Monitoring

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Vityl IT & Business Monitoring

IT Service Monitoring with Business Insights

Prevent issues for IT services and processes that support business

Vityl IT & Business Monitoring is not just an IT solution. It is your strategic ally to ensure that your operations run without interruptions. It monitors technical components that support operations within your company and third parties.

Vityl IT & Business Monitoring Software

Some monitoring tools are complex, expensive and not integrated

Does your organization have many disjointed monitoring solutions that stop you from having a unified vision that shows you what really matters? Vityl IT & Business Monitoring allows you to define a service in a few clicks and integrate the information coming from all your technical tools: Infrastructure, Security (SIEM), applications performance, databases, log files, help desk, CRM… anything! Therefore, you have a unique view of the state of your services in a matter of hours or a few days.

Vityl IT & Business Monitoring  provides a powerful, multi-platform option to replace other expensive and time-consuming monitoring solutions. Vityl IT & Business Monitoring was designed for an easy and fast deployment, that enables you to achieve results faster.

Identify the root cause for issues in complex environments, on cloud and on-premise

How long does it take for your IT team to diagnose a problem? Who knows about a problem first? IT or Business? With Vityl IT & Business Monitoring you detect easily any delay or interruption in a service or process, identify clearly the root cause, and resolve it rapidly, even if it is an issue in a cloud server, or in different platforms or interfaces.

Improve the alignment between IT and business

Which problem do you need to solve first: the one worth at 5 cents or the one worth $1M? Vityl IT & Business Monitoring helps your team understand the impact of IT problems on your business by prioritizing the critical ones.

In many organizations, IT and business don’t understand each other. IT believes that business considers them an expense instead of an investment, and that they only show up  when a problem already exists. Vityl IT & Business Monitoring helps IT departments communicate with business users by providing clear non-technical information, so they can look at service levels together and make smart decisions. This positions IT as a strategic business partner.

Ensure service levels (SLA) that IT provides to the business

Provide business users with high-level dashboards for customers or partners, and provide IT staff with the visibility needed on components that can affect systems availability. Measure SLAs and make sure your vendors are providing you with the service level agreed.

"[Vityl IT & Business Monitoring] gave us visibility and proactivity. The project was really very fast, it took between 3 and 4 weeks."

Operations Architecture Manager
Financial Company

Key Features

Personalized dashboards for different IT and business roles

Create your own personalized dashboards easily using drag-and-drop. Access them through any mobile device and publish them so users, partners and customers can take advantage of them.

Integration with main IT tools

Integrate Vityl IT & Business Monitoring with monitoring tools like Tivoli, Nagios and Dynatrace, APMs, infrastructure solutions, ITSM, SIEM, CRM, databases, big data tools, log files… or whatever is necessary!

Practical templates to monitor services and business processes

Vityl IT & Business Monitoring Template

Vityl IT & Business Monitoring has templates and a guided definition of services and business processes that include which IT components support it.

Advanced SLAs and reporting management

Vityl IT & Business Monitoring reporting management

Create reports about service and process availability, including metrics for transaction time response, simulated experience, threshold definitions, SLAs tracking, transactions below established thresholds, and more.

Events correlation and bottom/up view

Vityl IT & Business Monitoring bottom/up view

Vityl IT & Business Monitoring correlates IT events to understand the impact each problem has on business (bottom-up view).

Business controls and top/down view

Vityl IT & Business Monitoring solutions top/down view

Use business controls (such as number of quotes, policies, requests, etc.) to discover problems and find the root cause (top/down view). Learn about the state of your services by channel, customer, or vendor.

Out-of-the-box templates to monitor your infrastructure

Vityl IT & Business Monitoring out of box templates

Vityl IT & Business Monitoring has templates with pre-defined settings to monitor your infrastructure: Windows, Linux, IBM i and Unix servers; devices like routers, switches, and load balancers; application databases, application servers, virtualized servers (like VMware), WebSphere, Jboss and web servers; clusters and much more.

See Vityl IT & Business Monitoring in action

An application monitoring solution tailored to everyone

SIEM solution one-size fits all

Each company has different resources and monitoring needs. Vityl IT & Business Monitoring is a sophisticated and flexible solution, which adapts to organizations of all sizes and industries. 
All small, medium, or resource-limited companies can use our free version to monitor infrastructure, on a limited number of devices. Larger companies, typically working with more complex infrastructures and systems, can use the enterprise version of Vityl IT & Business Monitoring. This version allows greater visibility in real time and in context, and is able to respond to incidents more quickly. 

Get Started

Vityl IT & Business Monitoring offers great visibility in real time and in context, so your organization can detect and solve problems that might affect your business operations. Request your live demonstration and learn how Vityl IT & Business Monitoring can help you improve your IT service levels.

Or if you prefer, download a free 30-day trial version to try Vityl IT & Business Monitoring yourself.