Webdocs for AP

Invoice Scanning and Processing Software

Completely paperless invoice management on-premises and in the cloud


Windows, IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400)

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Scanning and paperless invoice processing software makes AP lives easier

Simplify Invoice Access and Management

Scanning invoices and managing them within a document management system helps you maintain a well-organized, easily searchable, secure digital archive of invoices.

Save Time and Money

Electronic invoice management cuts down on pricey printing and paper so you can free up your business budget for more satisfying priorities. You can also stop digging in file cabinets searching for invoices—digital indexing makes them easy to find when you need them.

Improve Business Workflows

Invoice scanning software makes the entire invoice process more efficient. Capture, scan, index, and route invoices faster while cutting down on the potential for manual error.

Ensure Timely Document Management

Automated invoice approval and payment helps ensure that deadlines are met. Built-in routing moves invoices towards approval without any manual effort—and it’s easy to confirm an invoice’s status in the approval process at any time.

Key Features

Quick, easy invoice import

Easily import invoices directly into your systems

When an invoice arrives in the mail or electronically, scan or import it directly into your document management system. From there, it’s easy to index, manage, or route it amongst team members for approval.

Browser-based document management

Fill out web-based forms on any browser or mobile device

There’s no need for you (or anyone else) to open Microsoft Word or other applications to review documents. Webdocs for AP is available on-premises and in the cloud. So you can manage, modify, and approve documents without leaving the browser. Simply use browser-based mark-up tools to note changes. Plus, you can easily revert documents back to the previous version in a simple click.

Advanced security controls

Keep invoices secure and track different versions

Protect confidential files by setting up security controls that restrict document access to users with the right permissions. Administrative users can grant document access at the departmental, sub-group, or document-type level. Also, version tracking keeps a record of every new version so information is never overwritten or lost.

User-friendly indexing and search functionality

Index and find invoices easily

Enjoy an easily-searchable library of invoices with intuitive indexing and search functionality. Webdocs for AP provides multiple methods of finding the document you’re looking for. Set up to 10 search keys for each document, or search by document elements such as type, title, date, and more. The software also has full-test optical character recognition (OCR) to help surface important documents quickly.

Dependable approval routing and escalation

Route documents automatically for approval with paperless invoice processing software

Send invoices through basic workflows that you design, whether linear (fixed and specific) or value-based (dependent on values you define, like specifying which departments should receive documents). Define time restraints for each step of the workflow and escalate tasks when an item goes undone for too long.

Forget Complex Workflows—Make Invoice Management Easy

An AP Specialist saves time and manages invoices easily

Your AP department deserves a better way to manage and process invoices. The benefits of automating invoice management are endless—from taking advantage of vendor discounts to freeing up employee time. 

Any Industry

Organizations in virtually any industry—from healthcare to manufacturing and distribution—will benefit from invoice processing software. You, too, can streamline invoice processing by scanning and storing your invoices electronically. You can even automate invoice capture and approval processes. Explore industries >

Partner Up for Success

Not sure where to start with document management for AP? That’s okay—you can plan your implementation by consulting with the experts. Our team will come to your site, discuss your needs, and deliver a personalized roadmap detailing your path to success. Then, we’ll help you configure AP document management software to best fit your organization. 

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