Intermapper Remote Access

Intermapper Remote Access

Remote network monitoring software for diverse networks


Windows, Linux, Apple (Mac OSX)


Remote network monitoring software helps you keep a close eye on your network, no matter where you (or your network) is located. Used alongside an active Intermapper server, Intermapper Remote Access discovers and monitors network technology in real time—whether it spans buildings, cities, or countries. 

With Intermapper Remote Access, geographically-scattered IT teams can share network monitoring access. IT consultants and managed service providers can monitor client networks remotely. And telecommuting employees can monitor the network from home, the coffee shop, or wherever they are.

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Monitor From Anywhere

Whether you’re at home, the office, or off-site, you can keep tabs on network performance—and so can your IT staff. The ability to monitor the network from any web-enabled device, from any location, gives your team freedom to be mobile and helps connect teams spread out over large geographic areas.

Manage Multiple Sites

Multi-location organizations will be able to map and monitor separate locations with the same power and flexibility that they monitor their immediate office. Remote server monitoring software allows you to create location-specific maps and alerts so you can ensure optimal performance across your entire network.

Secure, Safe Access

Don’t worry about unwanted visitors accessing your maps. Remote server monitoring software features secure log-on and map-level permissions which protect your data and prevent anyone from seeing your maps that shouldn’t be.

“Intermapper has helped us diagnose problems and address them remotely. On several occasions, we’ve been able to avoid two-hour drives to network sites.”

Vince Hurst
Communications Technician
Sonoma County Sheriff Department's TCOMM Bureau

Key Features

Remote server monitoring and management

Intermapper users can give remote server monitoring access to IT professionals in multiple locations.

Monitor and manage your entire network, including your data center and all of your distributed locations. Create maps, set and acknowledge alarms, and view reports. You and the rest of your IT team will have visibility into the status of network equipment from any location through remote access to the Intermapper server.

Dynamic data display

Real-time network views from a tablet and smartphone for easy remote access to the Intermapper server

Instead of relying on a browser, Intermapper Remote Access employs its own interface—which means no more refreshing to see if the status of a network device has changed. Spot network issues at a glance and drill in from wherever you are.

Multi-platform functionality

Intermapper Remote Access supports multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux

Just like Intermapper, Intermapper Remote Access gives you the ability to remotely manage your network from whatever platform you prefer, including Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Map-level authorization

Authorization options limiting map access for secure remote monitoring

A username and password or network address authorization is required for remote map access. You can set access permissions on a map-by-map basis to ensure the right people have access to maps, sub-maps, and configuration options.

Flexible licensing models

Flexible licensing models give individuals or teams remote access to the Intermapper server

To fit your organization’s specific needs and requirements, we offer two different licensing models: individual and pooled. Individual licenses are perfect for single users, while pooled licenses give your IT team group access. Learn more >

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Start a Live Chat

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Network Monitoring and Management On the Go

Perform all your key network monitoring tasks from wherever you are

Troubleshoot network issues

View and create maps

Open reports and status windows

Drill down to sub-maps

Configure Intermapper servers

Acknowledge alerts

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