MQ Manager

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MQ Manager

IBM MQ Monitoring Software

Proactive MQ monitoring across the IBM i environment


IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400)

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Take Manual Tasks Off IT’s List

Automated monitoring of bottlenecks, stuck messages, excessive queue depths, and other critical IBM MQ (WebSphere MQ, MQSeries) elements saves IT time, allowing experienced IT staff work on higher-priority projects.

Start Monitoring Right Away

You can install and deploy MQ Manager within your business in minutes. In addition, ready-to-use templates help you implement standard monitoring rules right away.

Get Mobile Dashboard Access

Take your dashboard with you wherever you go. Enterprise Console provides a browser-based dashboard overview of all your message queues in real time. Choose whatever widgets you want to see through flexible dashboard customization options.

If There’s a Problem, You’ll Be the First to Know

You can rely on MQ Manager to proactively monitor the performance and availability of your IBM MQ application server and raise alerts whenever a threshold is breached. MQ Manager also has a grace period feature that acts as buffer when short-lived bottlenecks or exceptions would otherwise trigger an alert. The software continuously:

Make MQ monitoring easy with MQ Manager
  • Monitors essential MQ processes
  • Proactively checks for impending problems
  • Triggers alarm notifications if problems are found
  • Gathers performance data for planning, analysis, and reporting problems

Guarantee Your Data Delivery with Automatic MQ Monitoring

Proactively monitor all the critical elements of your MQ application server

Queues and queue managers



Cluster queue managers

MQ-generated events

Get Started

Find out how MQ Manager helps you monitor the most crucial metrics of an IBM MQ environment. Learn more about MQ Manager in a live demo.