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Your organization likely utilizes powerful applications, such as SAP or Informatica PowerCenter, to keep operations up and running. Automate Schedule makes it easy to integrate application processes into your IT workflow and manage the enterprise schedule from a single location. Rather than monitoring specific schedules for each application and IT jobs, your administration team can view, monitor, and manage the entire enterprise workflow from one console.

Automate Schedule's software integration with popular applications also eliminates the need for system and database administrators to write custom scripts for schedule exceptions or job and resource dependencies. Instead, jobs can be created directly within your enterprise job scheduling software.

Automate Schedule's APIs give you end-to-end automation from systems to applications and back. Below you'll find information about the various applications that have interfaces with Automate Schedule.

Integrating Informatica Workflows

Schedule workflows from a central console

Cross-platform Informatica scheduling

Automate's Informatica interface allows you to quickly build advanced schedules that integrate PowerCenter and Cloud workflows with other IT and business processes. Get the control and visibility you need to run your ETLs, reports, and other data integration processes as efficiently as possible.

SAP Job Scheduling

Integrate SAP jobs with ease

SAP integration with Skybot Job Scheduler

With a SAP-certified interface you not only have added functionality over the CCMS scheduler, but you also get integration of SAP jobs with other applications.

Cron Job Scheduling

Cross-system flexibility for Unix cron jobs

Augment or replace cron with alternative

This job scheduler for Windows, UNIX, and Linux servers simplifies your cron jobs by providing a reliable, flexible, and user-friendly central monitoring system.

Windows Task Scheduler

Manage complex Windows environments

integrate windows task scheduler with enterprise workflows

With Automate Schedule, you can manage your Windows jobs from a central console, which makes it easier to maintain control over your many Windows servers and integrate your job schedules with other platforms, too.

Oracle EBS Concurrent Requests

Get full control over Oracle systems

Skybot automates Oracle EBS

Any e-Business Suite concurrent request can be added as a command within a Automate Schedule job, allowing you to include EBS requests as part of larger business processes and more complex schedules.

Web Services

Automate online processes

Workload automation with web services API

We expose a RESTful web services API so that you can manipulate functions in Automate Schedule programmatically.

Microsoft SQL Server

Enable event-driven SQL server jobs

integrate SQL server with enterprise scheduling

The Automate Schedule SQL Server interface allows you to include your SQL Server jobs into your production job stream, directly schedule your SSIS packages, and more.

IBM i Agent

Streamline your IT job scheduling

cross-platform (IBM i and more) workload automation

Do you have critical jobs running on your IBM i, while the rest of your business operates on Windows or another platform? With Automate Schedule's IBM i Agent, you can integrate all of your systems (including IBM i), achieving a centralized, streamlined approach to IT job scheduling, monitoring, and reporting.

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