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How are Calendars used in Automate Schedule?

Calendars are used for two reasons in Automate Schedule: automating schedule exceptions based on holidays or non-working days, and scheduling jobs on fiscal period cycles. Learn more about configuring Calendars.

How can I monitor for a new file to arrive on one of my servers and schedule a job to react to the file?

1) Set up an Agent Event Monitor (Scheduling Object) for a file add:


2) Create a job with this Agent Event as a Prerequisite:

Watch a quick video describing how to create this dependency.

What are Agent Environments and how will they help me?

Agent Environments store the user account, password, and default directory when a process starts and any environment variables needed by the job when it runs. Create an Agent Environment for each Agent or each application, then use your shared environments when scheduling jobs. Find out how.

What are Scheduling Objects and what do they do?

Scheduling Objects are created to simplify the maintenance of your schedule. Each of the items in the Scheduling Objects area are created once and used multiple times. For example, create a Command Set if you will be running the same list of commands on multiple Agents. This is helpful especially if there are multiple commands or scripts that are run within one Automate Schedule job. It will eliminate typographical errors from your command line. Also, if the commands change, just change the Command Set once and every job that runs that Command Set is automatically updated.

How can I get notified if a job fails?

You can configure a job fail notification in Automate Schedule after you've already created the job. Find out how.

How can I get notified when a job runs longer than normal?

To do this, set up a Job Overrun Notification under Job Monitors. Find out how here, or watch this video to learn more details about creating job monitors.

How can I schedule a job to run on a specific day of the month or week?

In Automate Schedule, a special calendar isn't necessary to schedule jobs for specific days of the week or month. Follow these steps to schedule a job that runs on a specific day of the month, for example the last day of every month at 23:00. To see an example of scheduling a job for the last Friday of every month at 3:00, go here.

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