Sequel Data Access


Don't See the Training You Were Looking For?

Looking to improve your Sequel skills? Whether you’re a beginner, expert, or somewhere in between, HelpSystems has the educational training for you. 

  • Scheduled training online or in our classroom (listed above)
  • On-demand training online or at your site
  • One-on-one consulting online or in person

We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with your Sequel training course, or we’ll refund your fee!

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On-Demand Training

Unable to attend our scheduled training?

That's okay! You can request your training on-demand for our regular classes—or other topics not covered in scheduled training. 


Your online on-demand training options include:

Basic Viewpoint

This introductory class is for anyone who needs to use Sequel to access data. You’ll learn how to create, modify, and run basic Sequel views (queries).

Length: Two 2-hour sessions 

Intermediate Viewpoint

This class is for Sequel Viewpoint users who need more than basic Sequel views. You’ll learn how to:

  • Summarize the data in your views
  • Use Sequel tables
  • Create and manipulate dates
  • Use Union to combine information

Participants should be comfortable building simple views and have a clear grasp of the basic Sequel clauses: SELECT, FROM, ORDER BY, WHERE, and JOIN.

Length: Two 2.5-hour sessions

Report Writer Made Easy

This comprehensive introduction to the Sequel Report Writer focuses on training Viewpoint developers who need to create Sequel reports. Participants should be comfortable building simple views using Viewpoint.

Length: One 3-hour session 

Viewpoint Client Reports for Sequel

This class offers a comprehensive introduction to Viewpoint Client Reports, with topics ranging from building basic reports to more sophisticated reporting tasks. Participants should be experienced Viewpoint designers.

Length: One 3-hour session


Variables: Enhance Your Views with Prompts

This introduction to variables (run-time prompts) focuses on using Sequel variables in views. It’s designed for Sequel Viewpoint developers who need to create dynamic views for end users. Participants should be comfortable building simple views using Viewpoint.

Length: One 3-hour session

Effortless Scripts: From Beginning to End

This class is for Sequel Viewpoint developers who need to create complex, multi-step processes. We’ll create and use scripts suitable for both end users and scheduling. Participants should be comfortable designing run-time prompted views in Sequel Viewpoint.

Length: One 2-hour session


Your in-person on-demand training options include: 

Essential Viewpoint Plus

Learn how to create, modify, and run Sequel views, reports and tables. Gain a solid working knowledge of Sequel and its functions, create Sequel views (data retrieval queries), Sequel tables (cross-tab summaries), and Sequel reports (formatted layouts).

The class also provides instruction on scripting, advanced SQL functions (advanced join concepts, conditional logic, and unique keys), date functions, and drill down.

Length: 3 days

Cost: $2,250 per day plus all expenses of the trainer (weekday), $2,750 per day plus all expenses of the trainer (weekend)

Advanced Viewpoint

Expand your Sequel knowledge with advanced instruction on SQL, variables, reporting, host and client tables, dashboards, scripting, and drill-down concepts. Explore views, tables, reports, and scripts in detail. This class is for users or IT staff that have some Sequel Viewpoint design experience. It will sharpen your existing skills and help you learn new areas of Sequel through hands-on practice.

Length: 3 days

Cost: $2,250 per day plus all expenses of the trainer (weekday), $2,750 per day plus all expenses of the trainer (weekend)

Additional Workshop Day*

Enhance your training experience by adding an additional day of customized activities using your own data.

Length: Varies

Cost (Your Site): $1,125 per day

*An additional workshop day must be purchased with a three-day classroom or onsite training class.

One-on-One Consulting

Get expert help installing and configuring Sequel to your systems. Check out the available consulting services below. 

One-on-One Consulting, cont.

General Consultation

Do you need help setting up and using Sequel on your systems with your actual data? We’ll work with you at your site or by phone to help you through the issues that slow you down. Let our years of experience guide you to a successful project conclusion.

We can help you:

  • Perform the initial product installation and set-up
  • Evaluate existing product set-ups and suggest improvements 
  • Examine specific set-ups and discuss ways to make them better
  • Analyze your environment and set-up to get the most out of your Sequel experience
  • Assist you in implementing advanced product features
  • Update your products to the latest versions
  • And more!

Length and cost of on-demand consultations may vary.

Data Sources Consultation

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Access files are now available as data sources for Sequel views! To help you implement this exciting new feature, we're offering a special on-demand consultation.

Our experienced technical consultants will:

  • Review the connection options with you
  • Outline best practices for remote connections
  • Walk you through setting up the first connection to Excel and Access

Length: Varies

Cost: $250