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Electronic Signature Capture Software for Windows and IBM i

Capture signatures electronically and apply them digitally to documents


Windows, IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400)

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Go Paperless with Electronic Signature Capture

Save time and money by removing the paper from your processes! Use electronic signature capture software to keep your documents digital throughout your business processes.

Route Documents and Make Decisions Faster

Speed up decision-making by automating your approval processes. When documents are routed from person-to-person electronically, you don’t have to worry about documents falling off the radar or getting lost. The software keeps track of them for you, helping you approve documents and make decisions faster.

Improve Service and Business Relationships

Don’t make your customers, vendors, and partners go through an agonizing and manual process to sign documents. Make the process smooth and interactions pleasant by capturing signatures electronically—quickly and easily.

“In the past, the application we used broke down a lot and we had to run around to get it working again, and often we had to revert to paper documents. Now that we have Sign Here, it always stays up and available.”

John Forelli
Vice President of IT
Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

Key Features

Capture digital signatures

Capture digital signatures on any device

Use any Windows-enabled signature pad device, tablet, or mobile application to capture signatures electronically.

Create “wet” or pin-based signatures

Apply secure digital signatures from any device

Sign Here enables two types of signatures: “wet” and pin-based. “Wet” signatures are physically signed on a device. Pin-based signatures involve entering a password or pin to indicate approval or acceptance.

Use ESIGN-acceptable signatures

Digital signature software complies with ESIGN

The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) sets strict guidelines for digital signature capture. Sign Here adheres to ESIGN’s guidelines, ensuring that digital signatures are always contractually binding and legally acceptable.

Apply signatures to any digital documents

Apply digital signatures to any document

Electronic signatures can be applied to any type of document, whether the document was generated by PC (Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Excel), IBM i (spooled files), or enterprise resource planning (ERP) or other business systems. Plus, signatures can be merged from any device and applied to files.

Route documents automatically

Route documents faster by using digital signatures

Digital documents can be routed through any business process and approved or accepted with a quick digital signature.

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