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Digital signature capture and application for any business document


Windows, IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400)

Summary Bullets

Speedy document approvals and electronic signature capture pleases this business team

Save Money on Printing and Paper Costs

Say goodbye to pen and paper. Collect signatures electronically and reduce your printing and paper expenses.

Improve Productivity

When you use signature capture software, there’s no lag time during signing and approval routing. Capture digital signatures with either a quick scribble or a click and send the document on its way—no copying or scanning required.

Speed Up Decision Making

Get approvals more quickly for swifter business decisions. Digital signatures are quick and easy to make, keeping your workflow process moving and helping your key decision-makers sign-off faster. 

Enhance Relationships with Customers and Vendors

Electronic signature capture helps maintain satisfied customers, vendors, partners, and even internal teams. Collect digital signatures from the people you work with quickly and efficiently, automatically routing the document to its next location, so no important business is kept waiting on a signature.

Key Features

Digital signature capture

Capture digital signatures on any business document

Use a Windows-enabled device, tablet, PC, or other mobile application to capture a signature and apply it to almost any business document.

Signature merge and application

Apply electronic signatures where you need them

Merge signatures captured from a signature pad or touchscreen device and apply them easily to PDFs, Word documents, or virtually any file you choose. Need multiple signatures on one document? HelpSystems Signature Capture will apply your signatures in the right spot using the signature location feature.

Easy approval routing

Route documents for signatures and approvals

Whether your approval process includes two people or twenty, automatic approval routing makes it easy to confirm that a document has appropriate sign-off. Digital workflows are dramatically faster than manual routing, saving you the time and hassle of chasing a document around to collect signatures.

"Wet" and pin-based signatures

Electronic signatures are secure and legally accepted

Secure the kind of signature that you need or prefer. Whether you need a “wet signature” (an actual physical signature) or a pin-based signature (entering a password to acknowledge approval), both are legally authorized and accepted. HelpSystems Signature Capture gives you both options.

Signature Capture for Dock Doors and Beyond

A businesswoman digitally signs a document on a tablet

For Manufacturing

For manufacturers, everything depends on getting the order out the door—and to the customer—fast. Nothing should get in the way. That's why it's time to re-think manual processes for order fulfillment. How does a purchase order get approved? Where does it go next? When you finally get the product out the door, how does the customer sign for it? And what do you do with delivery documents once they're signed?

HelpSystems Signature Capture will help you fulfill orders fast and make your customers happy with digital dock door signing. Explore manufacturing >

For Any Other Industry

Organizations in any industry—from hospitality to maintenance and repair—will benefit from electronic signature. Explore other industries >

For Any Department

Signatures are a universal constant in the business world. Some departments such as accounts payable (AP), accounts receivable (AR), and human resources (HR) deal with signatures more frequently. But it's likely that your organization manages signatures across your entire business. Explore departments >

Capture and Apply Digital Signatures to Any Document

Sales proposals


Bills of lading

Proofs of delivery

Purchase orders

Human resources (HR) documents

Patient records

Loan agreements

Manufacturing and quality control documents

Any other business document

How Does It Work?

HelpSystems Signature Capture is a software bundle. The components of your software bundle depend on your organizational needs. Do you need to sign forms? Delivery documents? Point-of-sale transactions?

Typically, Sign Here and Webforms are starting points for this software bundle—but you don't need to figure out which components you need on your own. In a free, personalized consultation, we'll help you determine the right-size software bundle for your business. Plus, we'll help you put together a plan for signing documents and forms and storing them digitally.

Partner Up for Success

Not sure where to start with approval management? That’s okay—you can plan your implementation by consulting with the experts. Our team will come to your site, discuss your needs, and deliver a personalized roadmap detailing your path to success. Then, we’ll help you configure HelpSystems Signature Capture software to best fit your organization. 

Get Started

Capture and apply signatures with ease using digital signature capture software. Get a free consultation to see how using electronic signatures could speed up your approvals and simplify your company’s workflows.