Electronic Forms Software

Generate and design professional documents and reports electronically.


Windows, IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400)

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iForms electronic forms software makes creating forms easy

Simplify Form Generation

Get rid of costly pre-printed forms and outdated AFP utilities. With iForms electronic forms software, it’s quick and easy to create professional documents and reports using your existing data sources.

Speed Up Report Assembly

Stop wasting time with tedious document assembly. With document automation, you can instantly assemble multiple files into a single document or report.

Get Forms and Reports in Flexible Formats

Need your electronic forms in PDF, HTML, CSV, Excel, or other formats? No problem! iForms makes it easy. You can even view them on your mobile device. 

“The software gives the IT department a way to make processes more efficient. If we didn’t have this tool, we’d be doing a lot of stuff manually. HelpSystems came up to bat and hit a home run.”

IT Manager
Major Steel Supplier

Key Features

Create forms easily

Take form creation to the next level

There's no need for overcomplicated, time-consuming form creation anymore. Choose iForms and create e-forms quickly and easily. All you have to do is drag-and-drop and point-and-click. Then, presto, you've created your electronic form.

Utilize existing data

Use existing data to create professional electronic forms

Take data from any iSeries or Windows source and utilize it to create professional-looking, data-driven e-forms or reports. Common data sources may include databases (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, etc.), IBM i spooled files, text files, or XML data.

Generate digital forms

Take form creation to the next level

Use intuitive tools to take forms generation to the next level. Create high-quality digital invoices, purchase orders, billing statements, and advanced reports from existing data. Even convert existing forms and files into professional reports quickly.

Customize design

Customize form design to fit your needs

Make changes on the fly with simple, customizable business form design software. Create multicolored electronic forms and reports using a variety of font and point sizes. Add logos, graphics, signatures, bar codes, charts, and more. Customize e-forms further and ease the transition by incorporating overlay graphics from existing systems and documents.

Add a signature

Electronically sign any form or report

Safely incorporate an electronically-captured signature in any form or report. Plus, rest assured that built-in security will prevent users from grabbing a signature off a completed form without authorization.

Automate report assembly

Automate document assembly and merge files instantly

Merge multiple files into a single packet or report. With iForms, documents can be assembled in a single action and readied for distribution.

Select any format

Output forms in flexible formats

Output forms and reports in whatever format is preferred. Optional formats include: PDF, HTML, CSV, Excel, and more. Even create the same form or report in several file formats, if needed.

Route and distribute reports

Deliver forms and reports digitally

Route reports and forms for approval via email or an existing document management system. Deliver documents digitally via email or send them to one or several locations including directories, printers, custom web portals, and document management systems.

Partner Up for Success

Not sure where to start with electronic forms? That’s okay—you can plan your implementation by consulting with the experts. Our team will come to your site, discuss your needs, and deliver a personalized roadmap detailing your path to success. Then, we’ll help you configure electronic forms software to best fit your organization. 

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