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Windows, IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400)

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Access Your Documents Anytime, Anywhere

No need to drive back to the office for access to forms, invoices, and other necessary documents. Whether you’re on site with a customer, meeting with vendors, or working from home, browser-based software allows you to quickly and easily locate whatever information you need at that moment.

Save Time and Money on Printing and Paper Costs

Going paperless with an electronic document management system dramatically cuts paper and printing expenses—plus, no need to invest in additional filing cabinets or other storage options.

Simplify Your Document Management Processes

Once a document’s been scanned, you can save, index, route, import, or distribute it. Electronic documents make it easier to follow each step of an internal workflow and ensure the process is efficient.

“The software gives me access to the information I need—anywhere, anytime. And it’s efficient. I don’t have to involve anyone else. I can just call up the information.”

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Tara Materials

Key Features

Digitally file documents

File documents digitally in your document management system

Take any paper document and easily add it to your document management system with a quick scan. HelpSystems Document Scanning allows you to any document into a digital file that can be indexed, managed, and routed.

Find documents fast

Quickly search for and find the information you need. HelpSystems Document Scanning has a powerful index-key and full-text search functionality that helps you find scanned documents fast. Search every word of your document using the software’s full-text optical character recognition (OCR) or search by document elements such as type, title, date, and more.

Manage the document lifecycle

File documents easily with document and image management software

Streamline your business processes with the ability to manage every aspect of a document’s lifecycle digitally. Capture documents and images with easy scan and import, manage them with intuitive indexing options, and distribute them to share important reports with your team or route for approvals as part of a business workflow.

Store documents securely

Keep your documents secure

Ensure that only authorized users can access a document once it’s been scanned. Set access to digitally stored documents at the departmental, sub-group, or document-type levels so confidential information is kept safe. Use version tracking to clearly display a document’s history and ensure critical information isn’t overwritten.

Route documents efficiently

Speed up document and image delivery

Understand user productivity and identify bottlenecks in the business process. Reporting engines give you visibility into your document management and can provide needed insights into activity that can lead to more streamlined processes.

Integrate applications

Integrate applications to simplify document management

HelpSystems Document Scanning software integrates with common business applications and line of business (LOB) systems, using screen technology to pull in information from other applications and populate keys. This makes searching as easy as clicking a “hot button” or function key, which quickly generates the data you’re searching for.

Modify and approve documents in the browser

Fill out web-based forms on any browser or mobile device

Make it easier than ever to manage your documents digitally. Today, there’s no need to leave the browser interface to modify or approve documents. This means you can bring users together to collaborate on documents more efficiently. Mark your changes, add your approval, and more right in the browser. There’s no need to open Microsoft Word or other applications.

Easily Manage the Document Lifecycle

Capture, manage, and distribute documents and images digitally

Make the entire document lifecycle fast and efficient with HelpSystems Document Scanning software. At each step of a document's journey, you can eliminate errors and speed up processes, including: 

  • Capture: convert virtually any paper document or image into a digital document. Easily get documents in by scanning or importing it on-premises or in the cloud. Or electronically import and store digital content from across business applications
  • Manage: Store, standardize, and secure your documents via digital management. Once captured, index documents and images by OCR, bar coding, screen scraping, or direct data entry to make finding them later a breeze. Consistent file naming and customizable authority settings keep them organized and safe.
  • Distribute: Send out documents for approval via the software’s built-in document routing engine, which automatically notifies recipients when a new document is ready for sign-off. Either have documents sent to a shared workflow inbox, where users prevent duplicate effort by selecting the “take ownership” option, or notify specific users to perform their needed action. You can also distribute documents in a variety of formats and delivery methods.

Manage All Kinds of Electronic Documents

IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400) spooled files

PC and business system-generated content


Work orders

Email forms



Document Scanning is for Everyone

Document scanning makes everyone’s lives easier

Any Department

Every company has documents, and those documents are all too often paper. While you undoubtedly have many departments that would benefit from document scanning and digital storage, sometimes it's best to start in one and expand it from there. Accounts payable (AP), accounts receivable (AR), and human resources (HR) are typical departments to start with—but you can start with any department. Explore departments >

Any Industry

Organizations in virtually any industry—from healthcare to manufacturing and distribution—can go paperless with digital document storage solutions. Explore industries >

How Does It Work?

HelpSystems Document Scanning is a software bundle. The components of your software bundle depend on your organizational needs. Do you have documents? Forms? Both? What do you need to do with documents once you store them?

Typically, Webdocs is at the heart of every software bundle—but you don't need to figure out which components you need on your own. In a free, personalized consultation, we'll help you determine the right-size software bundle for your business. Plus, we'll help you put together a plan for scanning every document you have and storing all documents digitally.

Partner Up for Success

Not sure where to start with document scanning and digital storage? That’s okay—you can plan your implementation by consulting with the document management experts. Our team will come to your site, discuss your needs, and deliver a personalized roadmap detailing your path to success. Then, we’ll help you configure HelpSystems Document Scanning software to best fit your organization. 

Get Started

Interested in learning how your company will benefit from scanning documents and storing them digitally? Discover how much time and paper you could be saving. Get a free consultation to discuss how you’re managing documents today and how your department (or entire organization) could benefit from HelpSystems Document Scanning.