Automate for Document Management

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Automate for Document Management

Document Automation

Simplify your processes, free up your employees for value-adding tasks, and solve business problems with automated document solutions.


Windows, IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400)

Document Management automation


Pairing a document management tool with robotic process automation (RPA) lets organizations become more efficient in their document management processes. Your organization didn't hire people to monitor an email account, FTP site, or network folder for purchase orders or intake forms. Any repeatable task employees perform in document management can be automated, reducing how much your employees need to monitor your processes and breaking up the monotony with automated document solutions.

How Can Document Automation Help Your Business?

How Will Automate RPA Help Your Document Management Processes?

Set it and forget it

Set up software robots to route and store your documents for document automation. Check your documents in from network locations, email folders, FTP sites, websites, and other locations—all automatically.

Make data processing more efficient

Automate can manage documents and data on both ends of your workflows. Before you send it for approval or review, it can capture the data and pre-process. After approval, it can take the data or document and push it back to your ERP, LOBS, or other systems.

Streamline processes

Using Automate with your document and forms management solution means your document routing workflows are triggered automatically when a document is submitted.  Manage onboarding, user profile creation, and Accounts Payable processes without printing or manually routing a single piece of paper.

Key Features of Document Automation

Email and folder monitoring

email and folder monitoring

Tell Automate bots to download attachments from email inboxes and to monitor network folders for documents.

Task automation

Route Shipping Documents

Automate can read your structured documents and forms and send the data to your ERP or LOBS.

Create user profiles

create user profiles

Use forms management to create user profiles automatically when a qualified user submits a form.

Automated form fill

automated form fill

Automate RPA can find data in your system and fill in forms for you. You can set up bots to take action after the form in filled in, sending email notifications, generating reports, or setting up an account.

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