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Document Creation and Assembly Software for Windows and IBM i

Create professional electronic forms and automatically assemble documents


Windows, IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400)

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Seamlessly Combine Data and Documents

Pull together data from various sources and create a polished form or document in no time, whether it’s a purchase order or a month-end report.

Create Professional, High-Quality Documents

Specify the look and feel of your document by adding logos, changing colors or fonts, and inserting graphics or charts, among a variety of items you can add to make your documents branded, functional, and impactful. 

Save Time and Money

Eliminate your reliance on costly pre-printed forms and time-consuming old-school forms software. By contrast, HelpSystems Document Creation & Assembly software cuts costs and saves time with its digital capabilities.

“The software gives the IT department a way to make processes more efficient. If we didn’t have this tool, we’d be doing a lot of stuff manually. HelpSystems came up to bat and hit a home run.”

IT Manager
Major Steel Supplier

Key Features

Digital form creation

Create electronic forms and pre-fill form fields

Create your own high-quality forms from any data source. Combine data from databases, spooled files, text files, or XML data, and create professional invoices, purchase orders, billing statements, and many more kinds of electronic forms and reports.

Automatic document assembly

Easily assemble multiple documents into a single file

Automatically combine documents and data from different sources and systems (e.g. Windows, IBM i) into single documents, reports, or packets—then output the new document via the format of your choosing. HelpSystems Document Creation & Assembly software makes it easy to integrate data and documents from a variety of sources. For example, you could easily merge an electronic document and a captured signature into one document.

Customizable form features

Customize the features of your document

Use the product’s text designer to create templates that you can use (and tweak) over and over again. Change the color and font of your documents. Add logos, graphics, signatures, bar codes, charts, and more elements to ensure a professional-looking end result.

Easy routing

Quickly route the document—without lifting a finger

Quickly route finished documents to all the people who need to approve them. The software will stick to the workflow you specify, managing it for you and notifying you if a document sits with any one person for too long.

Flexible output options

Output your document in flexible formats

Once you create a form or document, output it right into the formats you need, including PDF, HTML, CSV, and Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, making it ready to store, route, or distribute.

Automatic delivery

Automatically distribute documents the way you want them

Deliver approved documents to their final destination, whether that’s a selected group of email recipients, a digital directory, or a web portal.

Save Time and Money with Electronic Forms and Documents

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If your business is relying on pre-printed forms, you could be saving money and streamlining business processes by using document creation and assembly software. Electronic forms and documents can speed up processes in one or several departments, such as accounts payable (AP), accounts receivable (AR), or human resources (HR)—or company-wide.

Organizations in virtually any industry can use document creation and assembly software to go paperless and take forms into their own hands, including:

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