Advanced Document Capture

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Advanced Document Capture

Document and Data Capture

Streamline your business processes with advanced document processing and forms automation.


Windows, IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400)

Data Capture Web Based Forms

HelpSystems's advanced document capture solution provides automated processing and intelligent capture for businesses that handle large volumes of documents. Scan or capture documents from any source and process them with the smart process platform. Our solution works with documents from scanners, PCs, EDI, ERP, LOBS, email, fax, and more, whether or not the data formatting is consistent or standardized. No templates needed. No rekeying. 

Capture documents and data better

Capture without rekeying data

Save time by using web-based fillable forms or automatically extracting data from existing documents. 

Capture once for all databases and applications

Advanced data capture solutions save your team time and effort by automatically updating your databases, enterprise resource planning (ERP) application, and document management systems with new information immediately after it’s submitted through a web-based form.

Capture more accurately

Working with accurate data makes business a whole lot easier. Our advanced data capture solution investigates documents to find required data, reducing errors to make your data more dependable. 

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Advanced document capture can handle all of these and more


Purchase orders

Sales orders

Packing slips

Freight bills

CBP forms

Transcripts and student records

HR forms

Medical claims

Tax forms

Extract data without any manual processes


Intelligently extract data. Advanced document capture scours scanned, emailed, faxed, or imported documents for data, no matter where it is on the form or document.


Extracted data and captured documents are both stored in the system, organized in whatever way best suits your organization. You can even send data and documents to your systems directly.


Automate your business processes from start to finish. Improve data accuracy, accelerate workflows, and enforce compliance with a fully automated solution.

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