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Powertech Database Monitor for IBM i

Database Security Monitoring Software for IBM i

Central, automated database security monitoring


IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400)

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Reduce Security Risks

With real-time visibility into every change users make across all systems, security administrators can virtually eliminate the risk of undetected data corruption.

Centralize Monitoring and Reporting

See what users are changing across systems. By combining data from multiple, connected systems, you have a centralized view for reporting and archiving, making database security management easier.

Satisfy Audits

Maintain an audit trail of all system changes made in a secure database that helps you meet the requirements of some of the most stringent security regulations.

Focus Only on Sensitive Data

Use filters to monitor and record changes to only your sensitive data. Define which fields contain data to be monitored and set the criteria for triggering a notification.

Key Features

Powerful database security monitoring

IBM i software automates your database monitoring

Both powerful and easy-to-use, Powertech Database Monitor for IBM i automatically monitors user activity in real time on your IBM i databases. The ability to process events by exception helps you reduce manual database security and file integrity monitoring in order to streamline workflows.

Transaction filtering

Filter IBM i transactions to identify security risks quickly

Powertech Database Monitor for IBM i provides filters that reduce the influx of IBM i data to a manageable volume. Filter events by user, date, time, library, and more to make results more readable for operators and allow you to quickly identify security risks.

Field-level monitoring

Monitor IBM i database security at the field level

Define which fields to monitor and set the criteria for sending an alert. Save storage space by selecting which changes to record to your secure journal.

Real-time alerts

Instant alerts notify system admins of security issues

Receive real-time alerts when thresholds are exceeded within your IBM i databases. Powertech Database Monitor for IBM i will monitor system access through exit programs such as FTP, ODBC, and remote commands, and send you alerts when critical events occur.

Electronic signatures

Enhance IBM i database protection with e-signatures

By requiring an e-signature as part of your workflow, you can automate approval processes, ensure database changes are authorized, and meet the requirements of security regulations, including FDA requirements.

Data change recording

Maintain an audit trail by recording changes to databases

Powertech Database Monitor for IBM i captures data changes on multiple systems, creating an audit trail with total visibility into all changes and a record of historical reporting and forensics. Before and after images of changed data are stored in a secure, auditable database for archiving, and creating or scheduling reports.

Do All This and More with Powertech Database Monitor for IBM i

Powertech Database Monitor for IBM i is a powerful, high-performance database security tool packed with surprising features and benefits, including the ability to:

  • Track what users see, do, and change across multiple systems.
  • Require permissions for changes and review whether changes were approved.
  • Keep only critical information and reduce your storage needs.
  • Capture data changes in a secure, auditable database.
  • Satisfy audits with confidence without the suspicion that homemade controls arouse and without programming or modifying your applications.
  • Enjoy a quick return on investment by extending the capabilities of your existing systems.
  • Extend the capabilities of your existing systems—including your file journal— so you can monitor databases and send change notifications automatically and in real time.

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