HelpSystems Data Capture

Data Capture Software for Windows and IBM i

Automate data capture with web-based fillable forms


Windows, IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400)

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Colleagues save time by automating data entry

Streamline Data Capture

Speed up the time it takes information to go from a form to your database. Web-based fillable forms help you automate data capture and make saving and storing information quick, painless, and automatic.

Save Time

No one wants to spend their day rekeying information. Data capture and forms management solutions save your team the effort by automatically updating your databases, enterprise resource planning (ERP) application, and document management systems with new information immediately after it’s entered in a web-based form.

Improve Data Accuracy

Working with accurate data makes business a whole lot easier. HelpSystems Data Capture allows you to customize how users interact with forms to ensure the data they enter will be accurate.

“Our sales and service people go to customers’ plants frequently. Now, they can be at a customer location, get on the Internet and pop up the information they need. Using any browser, all you need is a password to get at the information. It’s just awesome.”

Gene Bendall
Senior Business Analyst
Wise Alloys

Key Features

Web-based fillable forms

Use a web browser to view documents and forms on any mobile device

With HelpSystems Data Capture, you can capture information from web-based forms directly into your databases or systems. From start to finish, digital processes make it easy to capture and store information wherever you are.

Automatic data capture

Capture data from digital forms automatically

Integrate with any document management system, ERP application, or database, such as IBM i, SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL, to capture and save data from digital forms automatically.

Totally web- and mobile-enabled

Use a web browser to view documents and forms on any mobile device

Avoid unnecessary re-keying of information from forms into your system. HelpSystems Data Capture software is web-based, so you can capture data in online forms, then manage and route forms electronically for faster responses and approval from team members.

Business logic enforcement

Enforce business logic so forms are filled out correctly

Customize business logic for your web-based fillable forms to make sure data is valid and properly formatted. With the ability to enforce business logic, you can eliminate invalid data entries and gain trust that data imported into your systems is accurate.

Built-in digital signature capture

Capture signatures on forms electronically

Snag and save signatures digitally to apply to forms or other documents. Users can digitally sign and authenticate forms with either pin-based signatures or “wet signatures” captured on touchscreen devices.

Easy deployment

Start benefiting from digital data capture immediately. HelpSystems Data Capture is easy to deploy and use, meaning you’ll be up and running in no time.

Simplify Forms Management and Keep Your Business Moving

Businessman gets more time in his day by automating data capture

From the time a paper form is sent out to the time the data is safely captured into your system, there’s too much waiting and too many opportunities for invalid data entry or error. Web-based fillable forms, on the other hand, automatically capture data into your back-end systems the moment it’s entered.

Any Department

Fillable forms are crucial for many customer-facing organizations. While you undoubtedly have many departments that would benefit from forms management, sometimes it's best to start in one and expand it from there. Accounts payable (AP), accounts receivable (AR), and human resources (HR) are typical departments to start with—but you can start with any department. Explore departments >

Any Industry

Organizations in virtually any industry—from maintenance to manufacturing—can simplify data capture and eliminate the paper from their forms. Explore industries >

How Does It Work?

HelpSystems Data Capture is a forms management software bundle. The components of your software bundle depend on your organizational needs. Do you need to capture data? Manage forms? Simplify your processes?

Typically, Webdocs and Webforms are the cornerstones of the forms management software bundle—but you don't need to figure out which components you need on your own. In a free, personalized consultation, we'll help you determine the right-size software bundle for your business. Plus, we'll help you put together a plan for capturing data and managing forms electronically. 

Partner Up for Success

Not sure where to start with forms management? That’s okay—you can plan your implementation by consulting with the experts. Our team will come to your site, discuss your needs, and deliver a personalized roadmap detailing your path to success. Then, we’ll help you configure HelpSystems Data Capture software to best fit your organization. 

Get Started

Digital forms management can give your company the edge to move faster by eliminating the need for so much time-consuming data entry. Schedule a consultation for us to take a peek at how you do things today—and show you how digitizing your forms could benefit you tomorrow.