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Top 3 Benefits


Connect all data sources fast

IT can set up data sources quickly and easily, right from the interface... then get back to their own projects while the business user takes over.

Visualize all your data

See data from all sources in a graph, chart, or table on a single dashboard, all updating in real time.

Empower all users

Make informed business decisions based on the most current intelligence in an easily digestible, widely accessible format.

Get Better Data, Faster

To make informed decisions for your business, you need timely, accurate, clear data at your fingertips. Requesting reports through your IT department and combining them manually to draw conclusions is time-consuming and often ineffective. Insite Analytics allows IT to build queries in minutes from any data source. Data from queries can be visualized on the business user's dashboard in whatever way best represents the data. 

Simply refresh your dashboard to see the most current data in your graphs, charts, and tables. So once a query is built, IT can step back and get back to value-adding activities. No need to recreate and repull reports.

You get all the benefit of complex software technology but with simple and easy installation, configuration, and use.

Key Features

Intuitive interface

Dashboard with the edit widget function

Easy-to-use interface helps anyone create queries and dashboards.

Integrated data sources

Access any data source with Insite Analytics

Access metrics and data from any source. 

Query-building for all

screenshot of software with query-building

Business users can create their own queries. And veteran query-builders can directly import their SQL statements.

Drilldown Capability

Devices you can see data on

Dig into the data for deeper insights with drillable queries and widgets.

Visual data

Insite Analytics charts, graphs, and tables

Create charts, graphs, and tables.

Mobile dashboards

Charts showing data access

Browser-based software allows you to securely see your visual data from anywhere.

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