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Go beyond CCMS for more sophisticated batch job scheduling

The Limitations of SAP Job Scheduling with CCMS


SAP NetWeaver is the recognized business application expert in the CRM, finance, human resources, and manufacturing fields. SAP comes with a basic built-in job scheduler called the Computing Center Management System (CCMS).

However, the CCMS was not intended to work across multiple applications or platforms. If you have cross-platform causal, resource, and/or discretionary dependencies, job scheduling with the CCMS can be cumbersome and inefficient. Creating a background job directly on the SAP system, for example, gives you limited start conditions. Only one can be chosen, and it cannot be combined with “and/or” logic. In addition, if too many background jobs are released directly in SAP, the resulting traffic can clog work processes meant for scheduled jobs.

Go Beyond the Basics

Cross-platform SAP batch job scheduling

Increase Efficiency

Schedule real-time, event-driven SAP tasks in response to critical business events—using a central interface, on any web browser, from anywhere.

Manage Cross-Platform Dependencies

Eliminate gaps and delays that result from a failed or stalled job. When creating a job stream with dependencies, you have flexibility to create options based on timing, and designate what event triggers the next step.

Meet Modern Scheduling Requirements

Take advantage of more sophisticated solutions to handle “and/or” logic and other modern scheduling requirements, like job monitors, file transfers, SMNP traps, audit histories, and automatic notifications of delays and errors.

Using Automate Schedule with SAP

Workload automation software like Automate Schedule helps increase the efficiency of your production job streams. As a cross-platform tool, it removes the limitations of the CCMS by reacting to dependencies across systems. With a SAP-certified interface, you not only have added functionality over the CCMS scheduler, but you can also integrate SAP jobs with other applications.

Schedule real-time, event-driven SAP tasks in response to critical business events. Run your SAP jobs remotely, or install an agent on one or more SAP servers, to run local programs and commands with easy-to-spot exceptions, such as failed jobs and late starts.

Reduce Errors and Costs with Better Job Schedule Visibility

With Automate Schedule, operators and administrators will have better visibility and control over background processing, which reduces errors and costs for the entire team. With our enterprise scheduling software, you can:

Define specific start conditions and dependencies

Save system resources from unexpected SAP batch jobs

See critical job statuses that SM37 doesn't show you

Use the built-in FTP function

Set up the Interception feature for SAP background jobs

Schedule an SAP job that reacts to the arrival of a new file from an FTP server

Notify designated staff if the job is delayed or if there are errors

Forecast the jobs that are scheduled during your server maintenance window

Group multiple SAP jobs (ABAP steps) and run them as a single job

Query ABAP programs, their variants, and output devices in the SAP System

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