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Enterprise Job Scheduling for the Manufacturing Industry


Manufacturers face intense pressure to increase productivity and reduce time to market. With global competition rising and customers expecting faster-than-ever delivery, you don’t have any time to waste on inefficient IT operations.

Meanwhile, IT environments are becoming more complex. More devices—like smartphones and tablets—are in use on the factory floor. New applications are constantly implemented to manage orders, collect customer data, and monitor production.

An enterprise job scheduler like Automate Schedule lets you manage all your IT processes from a central location.

Sophisticated ERP Automation

Your ERP system is the cornerstone of your enterprise. There’s a good chance you are already automating some processes with the built-in scheduling features of your ERP software. But to maximize reliability and efficiency, you need software that can:

  • Trigger a process based on an event on a different system
  • Automatically adjust the process for month-end
  • Provide a centralized view of how your ERP processes fit into your comprehensive enterprise schedule

An enterprise job scheduler can enhance the power of your ERP platform by providing advanced, event-driven scheduling options.

Fast and Accurate Data Management

Big data is transforming the manufacturing industry. Customer information and preferences are more accessible than ever thanks to web analytics, social media, and more. Designers and operators share constant feedback. In some facilities, sensors record data on individual products throughout the production process. All this information can be consolidated and analyzed to help with future business decisions—if you have the right technology.

HelpSystems conducted a survey of over 500 professionals to find out how they manage their data. Almost 100 of the respondents were from the manufacturing industry. Out of the manufacturing respondents, less than half said that their data sources were fully integrated with their systems and applications. When asked about their biggest data management challenge, the most common response was “moving data efficiently within the enterprise.”

Automate Schedule has the ability to move data between your disparate systems and applications, allowing you to turn your raw data into actionable insights.

Always Know What’s Happening

Nothing will throw a wrench in your production plan quite like unplanned downtime. Automate Schedule's high availability setup protects your processes from system downtime with real-time database replication to a standby server. Automate Schedule provides automatic agent switchover once the standby server has been activated.

Robust job monitoring features ensure that you will always be aware of the status of your critical jobs, no matter where you are. Rest easy knowing you will quickly be notified in the case of job overruns, underruns, or late starts.

Centralized Workload Automation for Manufacturing

Read more about Automate Schedule's enterprise-class job scheduling capabilities or try it out yourself with a free 30-day trial.