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Enterprise Job Scheduling for Banking and Finance


The fast-paced world of banking and financial services presents special IT challenges. Customers trust you with their valuable assets, and in turn expect transactions to be processed quickly, accurately, and securely. When it comes to money, they won’t tolerate errors or delays. That’s why any company processing financial transactions needs to have a secure, reliable workload automation software solution working behind the scenes to ensure efficient and dependable service.

Meet Strict Deadlines with Powerful Batch Processing

By nature, banks and other financial service providers process a high volume of file and data transfers every day. Typical transfer processes fall short of the sophisticated capabilities of enterprise job scheduling software and are unsuitable to institutions moving bulk data on a regular basis. As one Automate Schedule customer put it, “We’re moving hundreds of thousands of files a day and will be adding to that... We couldn’t afford a solution that would slow down if it tried to handle more than 10,000 files.”

A good workload automation tool can process data transfers quickly, at high volumes, and without any manual input from you. Furthermore, if there is any problem in the process, you will be able to get notifications 24/7.

Minimize Risk with Job Monitors and High Availability

Online banking, global trading, and mobile transactions mean that modern financial institutions can’t afford any downtime, planned or unplanned. An enterprise scheduling solution with high availability ensures that your critical IT processes will keep running day and night even in the case of server failure.

On the level of individual jobs or workflows, an enterprise job scheduling tool like Automate Schedule will allow you to closely monitor critical jobs and find problems quickly.

Maintain Security and Compliance

In the banking and finance industry, where security is crucial, Automate Schedule makes it easy to ensure that each user only has access to the parts of the job scheduler that they need to perform their jobs. Further fine-tune who has access when you secure functions by department, division, geographic location, and more.

Compliance is simple and automatable with an enterprise job scheduler. Automate Schedule lets you easily create electronic reports for job, agent, and event history, forecasting, and monitoring.

Improve Banking and Financial Workflows with Automate Schedule

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