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Automate Enterprise platform

Build Complete and Strategic Automation

Automate Enterprise is a scalable enterprise automation solution designed to go beyond basic robotic process automation to integrate frontend and backend automated workflows across your organization. The robust feature set also helps you meet internal and external SLAs, enable DevOps, and comply with industry regulations.

Automate Enterprise offers superior flexibility and scalability by allowing you to purchase only the product modules you need. Features like the Automate Enterprise Ops Console, the Enhanced Security and Auditing Platform, and the Extended Agent Server are packaged as add-ons for users looking for advanced functionality.   

Power your Automation Center of Excellence

HelpSystems has been helping businesses maximize efficiency through automation and robots for over thirty years. Automate Enterprise is the product of our expertise—a platform with the flexibility to automate mission-critical IT and business processes for any organization.

“Automate revolutionized what we’re doing. We went from publishing a few dozen books a year to hundreds of books a year.”

George Kiraz
President and Co-Owner
Gorgias Press

Key Features

Intuitive Development

Simple and intuitive deployment

Automate Enterprise’s simple deployment and intuitive, drag-and-drop interface will have you streamlining enterprise operations within hours, not days. Build workflows quickly and collaboratively with a repository of reusable components. Using the extensive videos, training courses, and user forums, your business’s automation potential is limitless.

Scalable Infrastructure

Scalable automation infrastructure

Easily and cost-effectively scale from basic automated tasks to full enterprise-level deployment. Automate Enterprise supports high availability and disaster recovery environments. To run processes on more than ten agents, the Extended Agent Server is available as an add-on feature.

An Enterprise-Class Solution

Enterprise-class BPA automation

Automate Enterprise enables your DevOps infrastructure and ties systems together to support continuous product delivery cycles. Rise to virtualization and cloud challenges and automate repetitive infrastructure tasks to improve business performance and meet all your SLAs.

600+ Automated Actions

Automated business and IT actions

Automate Enterprise’s workflows have the flexibility to automate almost any frontend or backend process, including those with variables, exceptions, or triggers. Build smart automation for individual desktop tasks, team workflows, or IT infrastructure monitoring and management.

Detailed Visibility and Control (Advanced Feature)

Strategic automation analytics

The Automate Enterprise Ops Console is an add-on feature that gives you the ability to monitor and manage everything that’s happening across your organization from any device. By providing a simple way to see extensive operational analytics and control your processes from a web-based interface, Automate Enterprise helps you make better and faster strategic decisions.

Security and Auditing (Advanced Feature)

The Enhanced Security and Audit Platform is an add-on feature providing detailed audit logs and sophisticated user access management. Assign specific permissions to individuals and groups, integrate with Active Directory, and generate custom logs with the information you and an auditor need.

Get Started

Automate Enterprise integrates workflows across your organization and provides the features you need for an advanced automation strategy. Try it free for 30 days.

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