IBM i Office Integrator

Application Integration Software for Windows and IBM i

Integrate your IBM i data with PC applications and documents


Windows, IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400)

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Shipping documents need centralized control and visibility

Speed Up Mail Merges

Older IBM i products, like Office Vision 400, make it a hassle to transfer your data to PC documents and mail merges. With IBM i (iSeries) Office Integrator, it’s quick and easy! You’ll be able to pull information directly from your IBM i databases into Microsoft Word for routine mail merges. Plus, you’ll rest assured that your data is 100 percent accurate and your mail merges are immediate.

Eliminate Tricky Data Transfers

Transferring data from IBM i to Windows is tricky with outdated tools. But those tricky data transfers become a thing of the past when you choose Office Integrator. Office Integrator automatically integrates your IBM i and Windows applications so data transfer can be seamless.

Boost Productivity and Reduce Data Entry

Don’t waste valuable time on redundant data entry. Capture your data automatically instead and boost employee productivity across your organization. When you choose application integration software, you can be certain time is spent on important tasks rather than entering data from IBM i into a PC application like Microsoft Word.

Cross-Platform Application Integration

Seamlessly integrate IBM i data with PC applications

Your organization relies on IBM i to manage customer and vendor information. But manual processes for transferring data from IBM i to Windows are slow and involve too much redundant data entry.

Application integration software makes it easy to take IBM i data and use it to conduct mail merges, create PC documents, and manage your applications—without manual effort. 

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Easily integrate your IBM i data with Windows applications when you choose the right application integration software. See for yourself how IBM i Office Integrator takes the hassle out of everyday tasks and boosts productivity across the office.