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Core Access Assurance Suite

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Core Access Assurance Suite

Identity Governance & Administration

Distribute knowledgeable provisioning, ongoing amenability, and actionable analytics

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Provide Maximum Visibility of Your Environment

Core Access Assurance Suite is an integrated identity and access management (IAM) solution that delivers informed provisioning, continuous compliance, and actionable analytics. This suite is needed to streamline provisioning, automate the governance process, and be able to view advanced intelligence to discover hidden risks. 

Utilize Efficient, Thoughtful Governance

Access Assurance Suite governance modules enable you to maintain flexibility and efficiency while reducing or eliminating compliance violations. Governance findings are automatically fed back into Access Assurance Suite to prevent incorrect provisioning in the first place, so you can maintain compliance continuously.

Manage Risk and Bolster Security

With Access Assurance Suite, take a proactive approach, reducing the exposure of sensitive data by rigorously limiting and guarding access to begin with, reducing the risk in the environment. A comprehensive analysis of this complex data includes identities, accounts, entitlements, policy and activity, allowing you to quickly identity vulnerabilities. Quickly terminate orphaned accounts, modify privileges, and follow up on suspicious activity.

By automating the provisioning process, WellSpan was able to drastically reduce time to access from months to mere minutes. The time and cost savings of provisioning 40-60 new hires and de-provisioning ten to 20 terminations per week are more than significant
VP and CIO
WellSpan Health
What won it for Core Security was the solution’s ease of implementation and simplicity, combined with the fact that it offers so much functionality behind the scenes.
Program Manager for Gateway
West Midlands Police

Identity Governance Toolkit

Want to learn more about reducing identity related risk with identity governance and administration (IGA)? Explore our toolkit, which is designed to guide you through all the steps of managing an effective IGA program.

Key Features

Improve security and increase efficiency in your organization

Self-Service Across Enterprise Systems

With easy to use interfaces for capabilities like password reset, role creation, and access management, even non-technical business users can quickly become a part of the administration of identity governance. This ensures that rapid deployment doesn't leave any user behind.

Protect Sensitive Data

Ensure the enforcement of the principle of least privilege, giving users to only the access they need with thoughtful role design and careful provisioning. Limiting access great reduces the chance of endangering sensitive information with malicious or accidental insider threats.

Automate Processes for Managing User Accounts

Maintain accuracy without sacrificing efficiency by automating identity management. Significantly reduce the amount of time and resources needed to run an effective IAM program, lowering costs and freeing security teams to work on more complex issues.

Certify User Access Rights

Follow government regulations, security policies, and industry standards with regularly sheduled, effective certification of user entitlements.

Define the Provisioning Lifecycle

Manage identities from start to finshing, setting policies and enabling authenticated users to securely create, enable, disable, or delete accounts and user IDs without manual intervention.

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